The wandering boob is back home…….

Although I feel a bit of an old hand at this surgery lark now, I have to admit to a bit of trepidation yesterday morning. Peter and I had had very limited sleep we were both a tad on the cranky side (me especially). The nurse noted that my blood pressure was rather high and at that point I decided we needed to kiss and make up. Never a good idea to go into surgery in a bad mood.
I think all went well, although you never get to talk to your surgeon after surgery, heaven forbid, I suppose they think you will be too woozy to take anything in, so, I won’t really know how it all went from her perspective until my post-op apt next Wednesday. From my end, well, lets just say there are a lot of stitches and I am the lucky recipient of yet another drain for a week. Pain level not bad, until I try to move but that will subside quickly I hope. The absolute best part of coming home from the hospital though is the look of love on my cat’s face when he realized his job as “guardian of the sick one”, was back on



Goodbye drains….

Finally got rid of those pesky surgical drains, honestly they were quite uncomfortable, also the stitches (nice and neat as they were) have gone also, I took my first total immersion bath yesterday…..aaah heaven! The first day I came home from the hospital and really I’m not sure you should take my behavior as a  good thing. I thew up twice before I got home because the anaesthetic had not really worn off and I found two spots on my stitch line s that were, well, not to be too graphic, oozing a little blood. I used a couple of those butterfly band-aids and they worked a treat. I am feeling happy to be through this and have dispensed with the narcotics now that I am feeling so good. For me, the hard part is remembering not to lift things that weigh more than 10 lbs, it’s pretty unrealistic , even wet laundry weighs more than that, but I am trying. I will be back at work this coming week so get your holiday cuts and colors booked.

The cake progresses
First big challenge was constructing this……two layers of parchment with a pleated bottom if you please, took me a good half hour.Took liberty and added extra lemon rind because I love it.Now it did seem that to combine all these ingredients into that little cake pan would be imposible……but.HEY PRESTO! It all fit inside. I did have to cut down that parchment paper a bit, I mean, how silly does that look?Right, here it is then. All ready to get tucked away in a big tin for a couple of weeks. Smells divine and weighs a bloomin’ ton. Just put one more drizzle of bourbon on before I put it to bed. This must be one of the strangest blogs out there. Cancer and cooking, who knew the two could go hand in hand.

Ah, Time on my hands…..

Well, what do you do with yourself when you have all this time and nothing to do. I’ll tell you what, you learn how to get British TV programs on your lap top, that’s what you do. OMG, its brilliant, I can watch all my favorite shows (ok, it’s not perfect, sometimes it does that buffering  thing) but on the whole I am able to watch just about anything, even the finals of the Great British Bake off, yep, I know you’ve never heard of it but it was the most watched show in the uk and I got hooked after just one veiwing. I have also decided to make a traditional Christmas cake (as I have decided it is my favorite food in all the world and you cannot get it over here…..anywhere! Trust me, I have been looking for the last twenty-eight years) all it is really, is a great big fruit cake soaked in alcohol and topped with marzipan and icing. Simply, a match made in heaven. So, because you have to make it a long time ahead, I thought “Why not? I’ll give it a go while I have all this time on my hands and come Christmas, one slice should put you under the table. You see, you feed it booze every week or so, to keep it moist. Americans have a strong aversion to fruit cake because the stuff I’ve tried over here is disgusting, but I’m telling you this is the bomb.

As far as my health goes, the biggest problem are these post surgical drains you carry around all the time.I have to wear a sort of a sports bra that is most uncomfortable where it touches them. These two seem very sensitive and touching them is miserable.. The best thing is my daily shower. For some reason it feels really good to run warm water over them.I won’t have them for much longer as I get them out this Thursday along with my stitches, that was quick wasn’t it? The stiches look very neat (well done Dr V, I bet she got gold stars in dressmaking) in case you are interested I’ll post a little close up shot.

Not really sure what this blog post is going to be about today. I am sitting in my bed and it’s almost 11.30 in the morning. Hmmm, what’s wrong with me why don’t I get my lazy you know what up. Is it cabin fever? no, not really I had a trip to the hospital yesterday and had those blasted drains removed, which was marvelous. After swinging those little hand grenades around for three weeks, never knowing quite where to put them and forever getting poked in the side by the stoppers on the top, I am really glad they are gone. The pain however, is not. I had no idea that I would still have to sleep sitting up, mind you I’ve got it down now with one of those back rest things with arm on the side, sitting atop another pillow, with an extra pillow placed upright down the middle. It took me a while but it really is quite comfy. However, I would just love to lay the f***k down, ooh sorry about that, but really I would have thought that once the drains were out I’d be able to……no, can’t too painful. I had another session with the physical therapist also yesterday and now my axillary cording hurts more than ever. She seems very positive that it will be fine but in the mean time I guess all this is really getting me down. Yes, that must be the reason I’m so lathargic….I’m depressed. Me, who always puts on the rose-tinted glasses, who’s cup is always half full. After everything I’ve been through with chin up and smile on (albeit through gritted teeth at times) I really feel down in the dumps. I have been listening to a lot of music this morning and that always helps, but really I need to snap out of these doldrums, I just feel buried under a pile of worries. So, that’s the news from the A.S.S. today, I’m sure tomorrow will be better. Wishing I was here in the sun at Lake Crescent. The photo is from a couple of years ago before I knew any of this was coming…..Happy Days

Fill me up Buttercup……..


Time to visit the plastic surgeon for my first boob fill up. Firstly let me just give big kudos to Dr V because she has a service dog in her office, in the middle of Swedish hospital, where you would think anything hairy would be a no-no. Her name is Lilly and she is super sweet as you can imagine. Brilliant for calming nerves in the waiting room. So, in I go with Peter in tow and do the usual strip down and get a little poking and prodding and how you feeling. I am, by the way feeling pretty good but that elephant is still sitting firmly on my chest and I cannot imagine that there is room for more expansion in the squarish lumps that are my tissue expander things. Au contraire! First we use a stud finder (her words) to locate the exact spot that the needle is inserted (not supposed to hurt, did a teeny bit) then a huge syringe of saline is plunged into my skin. I was very doubtful that it would all fit, but hey presto! it did. Ditto to the other side and I’m done for another week, when my drains will be removed. This will be a relief because they do get in the way and it’s hard to know where to put those hand grenade balls at the ends. I pin them to a t-shirt or try to stuff them in my waistband.