The wandering boob is back home…….

Although I feel a bit of an old hand at this surgery lark now, I have to admit to a bit of trepidation yesterday morning. Peter and I had had very limited sleep we were both a tad on the cranky side (me especially). The nurse noted that my blood pressure was rather high and at that point I decided we needed to kiss and make up. Never a good idea to go into surgery in a bad mood.
I think all went well, although you never get to talk to your surgeon after surgery, heaven forbid, I suppose they think you will be too woozy to take anything in, so, I won’t really know how it all went from her perspective until my post-op apt next Wednesday. From my end, well, lets just say there are a lot of stitches and I am the lucky recipient of yet another drain for a week. Pain level not bad, until I try to move but that will subside quickly I hope. The absolute best part of coming home from the hospital though is the look of love on my cat’s face when he realized his job as “guardian of the sick one”, was back on



Rock and Roll…

I went to have my boob skin stretchers stretched a bit more this week. Blimey, If this is what it feels like to be pregnant I’m glad I never did it. I feel as if someone has taken two large stones and stitched them under my skin. They are hard and it’s rather painful. I think I’m only to an A cup so I telling you right now there will be no bodacious boobs ever again. I saw a woman on the TV the other day, who had enlarged her breasts to the size of watermelons. I just don’t see how it’s possible to stretch the skin that much….ouch. I am told to massage them daily and I do it a lot, hoping to make my skin looser but it doesn’t seem to be working. It’s also weird to have bits of you that are  numb and bits that are not. I decided in observance of my big night tonight, I would de-fur my arm pits….ha ha, it’s such a strange feeling to shave on numb skin. I had to be really careful not to cut myself. Anyway, big night for me tonight, I think that if you are coming, you will not be disappointed, so I hope to see you at six….come hug my rocks.