Yum……it’s turkey day

[Originally posted in November 2011]

Just chiming in to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and to just say a big, big thank you all, for your constant support and love and generosity. I am so lucky to have such fabulous people in my life. Just imagine a cocky 25-year-old dance instructor landing in the Midwest over 25 years ago and thinking she was just going to stay for a few months and chalk the whole thing up to a bit of a lark. I am so glad I stayed and built a new family around myself and so glad that I became a hairdresser…a job I love not only because it’s creative but because of all the fantastic people I have worked with and worked on. I think this is a good day to be grateful and grateful I am…. To all of you.


Cave exploration……..

[Originally posted in November 2011]

Well, after a beautifully relaxing weekend, spent on the Olympic Peninsular, it was with some trepidation that I arrived at my appointment with the gynecologist that specializes in cancer stricken female bits. She was super nice and spent ages with me talking about all my problems before asking me to hop up on the table for the dreaded cave exploration. I need not have worried it was quite painless, she didn’t think things looked too bad in there either and it seems as if all this shrinking business might be cleared up with a little estrogen cream and a lot of patience. It was also really terrific to talk to a woman about all this, I mean really, I love all my men Doc’s but there are some things that they just don’t understand and a shrinking vagina is one of them (you didn’t think I could go a whole post without saying it did you?). So, anyway it appears that this little problem stems as much from the menopause as it does from the radiation and she gave me some great tips on coping with the hot flashes too.Unfortunatly these tips are things like don’t drink alcohol (well that’s not going to happen) don’t take hot baths ( I flipping love a hot bath) wear and sleep in natural fibers, ok, so one out of three isn’t bad. Thanks Dr H you’re a peach.

Almost over the top of the hill…….

[Originally posted in November 2022]

It’s hard to believe, but I am almost half way through my chemo treatments. Just knowing that you are (well, soon to be) on the down hill slide of all this toxic stuff makes a person feel somewhat elated, especially as I am working full-time and doing fine. I think that being able to actually see the light at the end of the tunnel just infuses me with optimism and a new desire to create. The holidays are just around the corner (can you believe it?) and there are skeins of wool just waiting to be knitted and pine needles begging to be baskets (Yes, I make baskets out of pine needles) , so I shall be cracking on with that lot.very soon.

I’ve had a good week with little to no side effects so that’s brilliant. and all this cold sunny weather is making me want to chop wood and make fire…..don’t worry, Peter only allows me to chop the kindling a little at a time. I want to make hearty stews and soups with loads of vegetables and take long walks and ooh and aah over the tree colors, but, my diet doesn’t really permit and I’m too tired to walk much so I’ll just sit by the fire and grumble a bit, if nobody minds.