What a pain in the ……hip joint?

[Originally posted on Friday, July 29, 2011]

It seems as if every few weeks something else pops up to challenge me, Now it appears my hip joints are giving me a bit of a problem (stiff, sore and achy) I haven’t talked to my Doc yet but I did Google said problem and yes hip pain is associated with pelvic radiation. Also, a nice bit of trivia, people who endure pelvic radiation are 50% more likely to break a hip in old age………oh super! From the waist up I’m terrific bellow the belly button, things, they are a changing. Oh well, soon I’ll be getting lots of rest. This time next week I’ll be getting ready to go to the hospital for surgery, crikey, that came around quickly didn’t it? In order to prepare myself adequately for this, I decided a final fling was in order and so last weekend Peter and our two friends Tim and Traci sped out to the coast to our favorite little cabin on the beach and spent three days laughing, drinking, eating, playing games, did I mention drinking? and just enjoying the heck out of ourselves. Brilliant!
I can highly recommend this activity to banish all thoughts of nasty hospital procedures.


The after surgery sanctuary……

[Originally posted on Monday, July 11, 2011]

When I told my husband Peter that I would be fixing up the back bedroom for when I come home from the hospital, he was aghast that I wouldn’t want to sleep with him with my stomach full of staples and with my colon sticking out of my abdomen attached to a colostomy bag, not to mention our two cats, Boris and Sophie, who pretty much hate each other. If they both happen to jump on the bed simultaneously a small feline war breaks out….no, I think not….So armed with a can of paint, in a lovely shade of blue called ‘the good life’ some new sheets and curtains and a memory foam topper for the little twin bed,very important cush for my tush, for my little oasis I am delighted with the result. So much so that, well, I can hardly wait to take up residence. Peter now suggests that all I need is a flat screen TV at the end of the bed, but that would be overkill….or would it?

One more thing……..

[Originally posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011]

You remember that movie…Priscilla queen of the desert? well, I am now staring in……Tina, Queen of the hot flash. It’s another lovely thing that the radiation therapy did. It threw me headlong (alright I was heading that way anyway) into menopause and now I am very well acquainted with the sleeping pattern of…..
Sleep for a bit
Awake inside a furnace
Throw the sheets off in panic
Assume star fish pose for a couple of minutes
Pull sheets back
Sleep for a bit
repeat often before morning.
They say alcohol worsens the effect but after minor research (couple of days) I can say I noticed no difference.
So, in conclusion I would say I am, on the whole, feeling pretty good but when I think about all this I guess I do have some nasty things going on inside.
Updates to follow….I promise