Clean as a whistle…………

[Originally posted on Thursday, January 26, 2012]    

So, my day started out at 5.30 when I awoke to discover the closure on my bag had somehow come undone, “oh brother here we go again” no, really, this may be the worst one yet. Everything had to be washed, sheets, mattress, the carpet and almost the dog. Jeez Louise, what is it with me and this stupid bag do other ostomy patients have this much trouble??? Anyway, I had a big day ahead, so I tried not to let it upset me.

I arrived at Seattle radiologists a little sweaty after the big walk uphill from the ferry to be nicely cooled off by a cold tumbler full of barium (or whatever that chalky stuff they make you drink is) The funny thing about getting a cat scan with contrast is that they pass your body backwards and forwards through the donut hole that sounds as if you might be in the spin cycle of your washing machine then you get the contrast stuff let into your vein and you immediately feel as if you have peed your pants, no kidding you are laying there thinking ” I just peed my pants OMG! but no it’s just what that stuff does to you. WEIRD! After that was over, I went to see the Naturoapthic Doc for a revision of my supplements then a little lunch and finally to see Dr G my oncologist who never beats around the bush. He told me flat-out as soon as he walked into the room that my cat scan was “clean as a whistle” Fan- bloody- tastic. I left the hospital and the sun came out (always a good sign) and walked to work with the biggest smile on my face. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be officially cancer free.


Happiness is an orange bathroom……….

[Originally posted in January 2012]

Really, I’m not sure what’s going on with me. First I have to paint the living room blue and now my bathroom, well, I’ll just say it feels like brushing your teeth inside of a tangerine……I love it! Perhaps there are secret healing powers of color that I’m subliminally tapping into, I don’t know but I’m telling you color is amazing for taking away the winter blues, I smile every time I go in there and as we are probably not going to manage that trip to Morocco this year, well I thought I’d bring a little of the flavor to me. Who knows what I might do next, I’m a bit dangerous with a brush and a can of paint at the moment. The painting is one of Peter’s Dogs of France series, a perfect match I think.

I’m all set for the big cat scan tomorrow, fingers crossed everyone. I will let you know what the results are on Friday.

winter wonderland…………

[Originally posted in January 2012]

Finally we have some snow and it looks like real winter outside. I have been enjoying the last couple of days walking with the dogs but to be quite honest I’m sick of it now and cabin fever is setting in. My last outing was on Tues when I went to see my surgeon to set a date for the next surgery (March 1st) I have all kinds of tests before the big day one of which is a barium enema……….ehem! no explanation required. I had to cancel my big cat scan that should have been on Wed (snow day) which will tell them if there is any cancer left, which of course there will not be That’s now rescheduled for next week. It will be great to get an official all clear. I also have to have some kind of scope that’s like a colonoscopy but without the anaesthetic……….Blimey, can’t wait for that one. Anyway, no need to dwell on that one right now it’s in two weeks time. It was lovely to see Dr B he is a gem, always greets me with a hug now. As I sat in the waiting room I told another patient of his that has an upcoming surgery that she should not worry Dr B’s the best and will take good care of her. Really, I should do an ad for him.

It’s terrific to be done with those little pink chemo pills. the taste of metal is finally leaving my mouth and I am just feeling better all the time. All in all my body coped pretty well I think., at least I never had to hug the porcelain throne which is the image everyone has from movies about people on chemo. I did have a feeling of mild seasickness from time to time but really that was very controllable with pills. so, if any of you find out that you have to take chemo sometime in your life, don’t automatically assume the worst. Ok, I’m off to look at the snow and knit some socks or something. Sorry to any of my clients that have had to reschedule appointments because of the snow.

The rest of the story…….

[Originally posted in January 2012]

After I had spoken with Crystal (our dear sweet dog sitter) I learned that on discovering Zoe in the morning she immediately called our vet, for whom she works and asked him to come over and help her with Zoe’s body which he did (thank you Dr W) They took her to the surgery and laid her in a burial box in case we wanted to bury her. We decided against this as we already have a garden full of our dearly departed pets. When we returned home to our house in the afternoon not only was there a beautiful bouquet of white lilies and a sympathy card but also (and this is the clincher) she had taken the time to make a clay paw print of Zoe’s with a little heart etched into the clay beside her name. There are a few tears dried into that clay paw print I can tell you. Thank you all so much for you kind words of sympathy it means a great deal to an old softy like me.

Life goes on………

[Originally posted on Saturday, January 7, 2012]

view from our window at Iron Springs

view from our window at Iron Springs

After attending our friends new years eve party (ok we left to come home about 10ish) I started the new year with a customary walk in the woods communing with nature and deciding on resolutions.

1) exercise more, well actually any exercise would be a 100% improvement.

2) Be more organised. I am a typical Gemini in this regard either super organised or a bit of a slob

3) Try to pay off medical bills before spending more money.

OK that last one really interferes with my plans for a trip overseas this year…..I may renege on that one……we’ll see how strong my resolve is.

We left for the Washington coast for a couple of days to celebrate our good friend Sandy’s 50th Birthday. Had a lovely time holed up in our cabin at Iron Springs while the wind swirled and rain lashed and trees crashed around us. We had just crazy weather, I think over 80 mile an hour winds and sideways rain. We still managed to walk  stumble along on the beach, the locals must have thought us mad. Well, you can’t go to the ocean and not walk on the beach can you?

As we headed out for home and my phone gained it’s reception I saw a text from our house/dog/cat/ chicken sitter to call her at work. Our beautiful but elderly German Shepard Zoe had died in her sleep early Wed morning. A wonderful way for her to go as she was not sick at all but at 13 we knew she might not have too long to go.I am so sad to have lost her sweet spirit in my life. Apparently she just crawled up onto the couch, positioned herself in the spot where I sit and died. She was the most wonderful dog and will be terribly missed, not only by our family but our friends too. Because she always made our guests feel welcome, may times choosing to sleep by their side (or even on) their beds at night. I cannot express how much I loved this dog it would sound way too mushy if I tried. So, anyway, life goes on.

Zoe at Christmas

Happy New Year all……

[Originally posted on Sunday, January 1, 2012]

I thought I’d start the new year off with a bit of a poem……

The Hot Flash  by Tina Juvonen

Why am I so hot,

It’s obvious you are not,

My skin is burning hot and fierce,

It seems to run from toes to ears,

Oh…just a hot flash,

It’ll soon pass,

I’d like to rip off all my clothes,

A mad woman trying to fight her foes,

Be calm girl, can’t you see…

No one can tell, just me,

Try not to be frustrated,

Just another problem to be negotiated,

Oh sure, so easy to say,

Please hurry up that day,

When they go away.

I wish you all a very healthy and happy 2012