Just a quickie…..

[Originally posted onThursday, May 26, 2011]

Want to let everyone know that I am back to work and feeling great, so please come in and see me soon. I don’t have surgery until the middle of July sometime and then I will be off for a month I think, maybe less. I can’t believe how well I am doing, must be all the love and positive energy and well wishing  I’ve been getting from all of you. Thanks so so much,  you just have no idea how much of a difference it makes to me.  xxx


Feeling better every day

[Originally posted onWednesday, May 18, 2011]

Today I think I may have turned a little corner, the last few day I have been feeling a bit ropey. I went back to see both my oncologists today and they seem pretty happy with how I’m doing. I have been having some nasty little radiation side effects involving my bladder, I tell you I was in panic these past few days because I thought I might be the one and only hairdresser in the city wearing depends. However, things seem to be returning to normal, fingers crossed on that score.I do have a compromised immune system now and I’m asking my clients if they would be kind enough to reschedule appointments if they have colds or anything contagious because it could be dangerous for me.

Home sweet home…..

   [note: originally posted on Sunday, May 15, 2011]

Just a note to any would be bloggers, if you have to log on remotely, do not, I repeat DO NOT forget your password. It’s taken me hours of searching my old brain to come up with it. So sorry it’s taken so long for me to update. Anyway I am back in my own house as of yesterday and it feels great. My last day was a day sooner than expected (Thursday) and I wonder if they don’t do that on purpose because towards the end you are just gritting your teeth and saying “just two more, just one more” I really wanted to draw a big smiley face on my bottom for the last day to give the radiation techs a laugh but was not prepared to do it with permanent marker. Peter thinks I’m weird enough as it is.
I now get to take a whole week off to recover and I do apologize to any clients who were scheduled for this upcoming week but I need a break. I’ve some pretty spectacular radiation burns running up and down my you know what! Not to mention my old friend Hemorhoidius Burns is still in residence.
All this time on my own has led me to become even more self amused than before. Now I have taken to putting my own lyrics to well-known songs, Like:-

Burning, burning burning,
Keep those buns a burning

I have flatly refused to use of “the inflatable doughnut” thank you very much but I do have some pride left.
Here’s looking forward to a relaxing week, hopefully accompanied by some bloody sunshine!

One week and counting…..

[Note: This was originally published in May 2011]

So this is it, the last week of radiation and chemo. I can’t wait for this bit to be over. Blimey, if you could see what’s going on with radiation burns on my bottom ….yuk!  Never mind, you never want to see or experience this. Yesterday I was well, honestly, a bit depressed. The thought of one more week (they do a radiation boost tomorrow) and with symptoms worsening it was all getting me down. Anyway, I found a few hours of really bad TV watching, my God there are some doozies out there, anyone seen a show called Pregnant in heels? and a few naps have me back to my old self today.
Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day, to all the mums. Funny that the date is different in the uk but Father’s day is the same.
Here’s me keeping my chin up and chest out as I start the count down to my release from Big Bertha.

Better living through pharmaceuticals…..

[Note: This was originally published in May 2011]

Buenos días!

Happy cinco de mayo,unfortunately there will be no cerveza for me today 😦
I have to say this is all getting a bit crazy now. My anti vomit meds make me constipated, the radiation gives me diarrhea, the chemo does a bit of both so I take one drug to stop the effects of another one ……it’s a three-ring circus and I’m in every ring! Tuesday my lovely oncologist Dr G suggested I try a different nausea med but when I got home I read the small printed sheet of side effects I see that they prescribe this stuff for schizophrenia!………What! who’s been telling tales??? I am definitely not taking this, who knows what my little brain might do. I’ll just stick with the zofran thank you very much.

Today I pleaded the case for my poor old bum, the doctor took one look at it and immediately prescribed some serious pain meds…wow, what a sight it must be.
I am going to try to keep working but heads up to all my clients that have an appointment next week. I may not be able to make it. If I do we are going to have a code word, let’s say it’s PINEAPPLE. If during your appointment at any time I blurt out the word PINEAPPLE, I’m doening tools and off to the bathroom no questions asked and I might be gone for 5-10 minutes. Probably won’t happen but just in case.
So apart from these shenanigans I am feeling pretty good. Please have some re-fried beans for me tonight would you as anything with fiber is off my list of ….may consume..