Bring me sunshine…

[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]



The weather on Sunday put the roses back in my cheeks, too bad it couldn’t last. It was brilliant to be home with my little family for a couple of days, everyone was so pleased to see me, even Ruby the parrot bobbed up and down on her perch when I walked into the room, we have a bit of a love/hate relationship her and I…….blood has been drawn on more than one occasion.I am juggling how to eat and balance the nausea meds with the inevitable constipation it brings about. I hate physically being sick but with hemorrhoids the size of tree branches I’m not sure what the best course of action is (I think I’ll take the nausea) In fact I have decided, I don’t know whose bottom I’m carrying around at the moment but it certainly isn’t mine! Oh, and whoever has my old one can we swap back please? This one makes me have to smile through gritted teeth……Grrrr



[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

How to watch a wedding live from England and still go to work.

First, go to bed at 7.00pm. Next set alarm for 2.30am, wake up and watch royal wedding till ceremony is over (about 4.00) back to sleep by 4.30 set alarm again for 8.00 and you will actually have had a good night’s sleep and seen all the important bits. Well that was the plan anyway, however, I was so blooming excited I could not fall asleep, and then I awoke at 11.00 and again at 1.15…….. oh well, who needs sleep when there is all that pageantry going on. I watched and loved the whole thing. Didn’t she look lovely? I was on the phone to my English girlfriend Janet and we discussed everyone (what is it with the Brits and those hats!) as they came into the church. I think I may even have sung a couple of bars of the national anthem, certainly all the hyms….good grief!
Anyway, on little sleep I sort of managed to work a whole day after treatment this morning, bet I’ll have no trouble getting off tonight. I will be off work tomorrow and some of next week. I am so looking forward to going home to see the dogs, cats, chickens, parrot oh and Peter too. No, especially Peter, I’ve been missing him a lot.
I know you want to know if the nurses where in hats today.
Why, yes they were rather grand ones as a matter of fact. I was also particularly impressed with wedding cake they had made for the occasion…..It said; Wills & Kate with Much love……aah, how sweet was that?

Over the hump….maybe

[Note: This was originally published on Wednesday, April 27, 2011]

 Well, I’m into my third week of treatment now so I can start to see the light at the end of this particular tunnel, Hurray! I am still able to keep working, although if you happen to have an appointment with me after you might catch me yawning, seems I don’t have the energy I used to have. I am so glad I don’t have a two-hour commute home to my bed, as I’m usually in it by 7.o.clock, remote control in hand, eyelids drooping.
I had just a lovely time participating in the painting of the Easter eggs by the way, a first for me as I did not grow up with this tradition, it was really fun. I think you might have liked my “Cancer Sucks” egg. I wanted it to say,” Cancer is a Pain in the Ass,” for obvious reasons, but I couldn’t make it fit.
Apparently the hospital will be observing the upcoming royal wedding by wearing fancy HATS!!….That should be entertaining. Don’t  worry I will not be donning a posh hat with my one size fits all (XXXL) Hospital regulation scrubs for my radiation treatment on Friday, I look silly enough as it is. I also feel I have to admit now to a tiny bit of excitement (just a tiny bit) to see the ceremony. I’ve been poo pooing it for weeks saying, “Who cares”, but now it’s here I’m feeling a tiny bit patriotic. Now if I had some union jack pajamas that would be splendid.

Happy Easter all

[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

So sorry, I’ve been off-line for a few days after moving to my new location. Now residing at house number two in Magnolia ( thank you Bob and Carol) I get to drink my morning tea, no coffee now and eat my pear (I have to eat a pear every day to help things….slide along (if you know what I mean) Looking across the water to Queen Anne. I am feeling pretty good today because I am ordered off my chemo for the weekend. I had a particularly bad night last week with way too many trips to the bathroom , no sleep and a hemorrhoid the size of Manhattan, so painful it brings tears to my eyes. So, I get a break for a couple of days and I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I already feel better. I have a couple of friends over for Easter, we are dying eggs, so I’ll get to a proper posting tomorrow.

When your best friend is a tube of Preperation H

[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

Alright, no need for all the gory details on this one. My morning bathroom visits have, let us just say , increased in their frequency and ferocity. It is starting to worsen a little each day, right now I might have to go 7,8,9 times before it’s all said and done. The good news is….the cankles have gone. All it took was about three gallons of water. By the way, I know i am not really supposed to drink much alcohol but I do swish those pink chemo pills down with a sip or two of something other than water. Something about this is so wrong ….it’s right.

Yesterday I went to see a naturopath who specializes in oncology, to help bolster my immune system. Now I have an extra twenty five…TWENTY FIVE, pills to take each day. Some I take before I eat, some during my meal (actually between bites) and some after. For someone like me who has a hard time remembering to take a multi vitamin this seems a mammoth task. Oh well a patient has  to do what a patient has to do.

Oh no Cankles!

[Note: This was originally published on Saturday, April 16, 2011]

Jeepers creepers I woke up this morning with cankles. You know when you loose sight of the bone in your ankle and your calf and ankle appear as one due to swelling. These were not listed as a side effect in the 3″ thick book entitles something like, Welcome to your cancer journey. In order to make myself feel better and not be a laughing stock at work. I wore long baggy linen pants and my new soft suede shoes. Foolish, foolish girl, the reason your mother told you not to wear new shoes to work…….you might get BLISTERS!!! What is wrong with me have I lost all common sense? Never mind, I am also following mother’s sage advice now that I am home in my PJ’s at eight o’clock with my swollen legs elevated and having a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, that seems to make everything a bit better.

Sometimes you just need a good chic flick.

[Note: This was originally published on Friday, April 15, 2011]

OK I admit it I’m a sucker for the ones that make you cry really hard. I know they say laughter is the best medicine but really is there anything quite as cleansing as a good old cry? You also should be on your own for this cleansing process because it’s not very pretty.
Anyway, two weeks under my belt as of today only three more to go, so that’s good.
My dear sweet Peter called me last night at 11.30 ( of course I’m asleep like a baby at the time) because he had accidentally pushed some buttons on the new stove and couldn’t turn them off ????? It is very hard for the husbands to be without their wives for any amount of time isn’t it?
I heard my friend has ordered our new baby chickens from the hatchery today so it really must be spring. I might have to make a chic flick of my own in a few weeks’ time….. Sorry, I couldn’t help it :.)