How am I? ” the nitty gritty”

It will have been two whole weeks come this Wed since my boob slippage surgery. I started back to work last Thurs. Why, oh why do I think I am super-woman, because I most certainly am not. Please pay attention any would be surgery candidates, you need more than a week off. I feel I must apologize right now to all the clients that had appointments with me last week, because I cut your hair on Percocet (yes I did) and I hope you were not aware that I felt at least a little off my game and feel I just might have been a little too chatty. For a start off, my chest was strapped down like a twenties flapper. How in heavens did those women do the Charleston? It is nigh on impossible to breath properly and I know I didn’t adhere to the “Try not to put your arms above your head” rule. I was very sore and very tired and just a tad stupid (in more ways than one)
The true nitty-gritty of it all is revealed below. I am sure that there will be some wonderful women out there who will have to experience this same problem, I know, I’ve looked it up. I’m not sure how often it happens and I’ve had more than a few people ask me if it was the surgeons fault? Will it be fixed for free? I don’t honestly know and I don’t really care. The one comment my plastic surgeon said that made me want kick her in the shins, was that, and I quote… “No guaranties this will not happen again Tina, I’m just saying, you can’t make a pair of spanks out of an old pair of tights”
I did point out that while this was moderately funny to one such as I, it probably is an analogy best dropped.

So here are pictures before surgery, six days post and twelve days out (today). I know they are not the prettiest of breasts but I’m trying to learn to like them.


p.s. Sorry about the skin tones, I’m not really all these different colors.


7 thoughts on “How am I? ” the nitty gritty”

  1. Shame on your surgeon; a woman should know better than to make such a flip analogy. Oldies but goodies Tina. Who likes Spanks anyway?????
    Glad you are doing well. 🙂

  2. You’re a trooper… Cannot wait to see you! Glad you’re boob looks less sore and painful, and you are beginning to heal from surgery. No overdoing it…remember, dead-heading flowers today means laying bricks tomorrow for you, so feet up…arms rested, and a good old cuppa tea will get you feeling fit as a fiddle xxx

    • Thanks Sister Ratchet, duly noted. Can’t wait to see you either. I’m just going to fess up and apologize for the two shelves I put up yesterday right now…..sorry, I am a bad patient, I know.

  3. How are you doing? I continue to pray for your complete recovery, happiness, and well-being. Would love an update!

    • I am doing very well. I am left with some physical challenges from all the surgeries/radiation and chemo but all in all I am doing great and working harder than ever. I am so grateful for all the support I have received and still marvel at the tolerance of my body. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Oh I’m so happy to hear that. I have physical challenges as well from my treatments – though I call my scars my Life Lines (without them I’d not have my life) and figure after all my body’s been through I’m pretty darn happy with how it yet serves me. They are amazing, huh? Bless you always!

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