The mysterious case of the traveling boob….

If anybody is still out there and still interested I have some news….morris
After a gap of sixteen months, I am headed back to the operating room. It appears that I have a wayward breast implant. Now, the picture of the lovely little vintage Morris Minor is not mine, although I’ve always had a soft spot for them, no, I just needed an image to do with traveling.
Back to my errant boob. The right one as it happens, began it’s slide southward about six months ago, but of late it has become quite pronounced and somewhat worrisome. Off I go to see my plastic surgeon Dr V who is all smiles and hugs until I dramatically fling open my robe and say “I think I may have a problem”
She sort of gasped a little bit, recovered herself and said “Oh yes, I see, have you had any trauma?” This question could have elicited all sorts of answers from me of a sarcastic nature, but, as I assumed she meant something like an air bag deployment to my chest, I assured her I had not. You never quite know if these things are routine or not do you? The doctors act as if it’s an everyday occurrence and they fix dozens of them a year, but really I have no idea at all if this is normal or not, maybe someone out there in cyberspace can enlighten me.

The crux of the matter seems to be that cadaver skin (nicer sounding technical name ALODERM) that is used to make a sling under the implant and hold it all in place, has become detached from my chest wall. So, all that remains is for me to pop back into the OR and have it re-attached……nothing to it….I hope.
I went in today for my pre-op appointment (surgery is on the 13th) and I sensed a certain vagueness in answers to questions like “how long will it take?” and “will I have to have drains again?” both of which received a squinty eyed smile and a head bobble “Probably not, but I won’t know until I get in there and how deep I have to go”
“HOW DEEP?” Alright, let’s just get this malarkey over with already. I will keep you posted……..


12 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the traveling boob….

  1. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag,
    And smile, smile, smile…

    Old bean you arrange the most strangest of ways to take time off work. After this next bout of leave can you make the next one to be away somewhere for something more fun and enjoyable?! Sending a big hug x

    • Ha, chance would be a fine thing Juls, if only my nurse Ratchet wasn’t away having a super fun time for her birthday, my recovery would feel like a vacation. However, I too am hoping for a nice get away before too long.

  2. Hmmmm…sounds like you’re a ground breaker. You’re a strong and amazing woman! I’ll bet your blog has helped a lot of women look at some very tough times with a surprising sense of humor they never knew they had.

  3. Sorry you have to go through yet another procedure. Hopefully this one will be quick, both in the OR and in terms of recovery! I’ll be thinking about you and also thinking minimally invasive thoughts. And I know this is probably exactly zero consolation, but you are such a good writer!!

  4. I’ve kept checking your site, hoping all was well and that one day you’d post again. I’m sorry to hear there’s another procedure in store but have never stopped saying prayers for you. I’m sure you’ll come through this one just fine. Please keep us posted – you’re a tremendous inspiration!

  5. Oh, Tina; so sorry to hear about this! I’m sure everything will go well and you’ll be back with lovely, even boobs before you know it. Take care; maybe you’ll be able to do some work on a basket or two when you’re recuperating. See you soon!

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