It’s just a little nip and tuck?…..

Well no, actually it is not. I have been in what would we call this?…..Oh yes agony! That’s probably a bit too strong, but I have been really hurting since I have been home. Oh, well this just serves me right for being so glib about my last and final surgery. “It’s nothing” I said ” just going in to get rid of those chicken wings under my armpits that used to be part of my boobs” I joked. Well the joke was on me this time because, as you will see from the photo, this was hardly a minor nip and tuck. The thing is, those are not the bits that hurt, no, that would be where I had some fat (aparently it takes a quite bit) lipo’d from my tummy to fill in my divot and even out the look of my little lumps. Right, take it from me liposuction hurts….a lot, and the bruises! well I’m not even going to show you those for fear it would put you all off your dinners. So, here I am, wearing something akin to a Kevlar girdle and bra,(I really am sure this thing could stop a bullet) looking as if I’ve taken a few punches from someone who knows a thing or two about boxing and feeling really miserable. I am sure to be back from this pity party for one soon but right now I think I feel a bit sorry for myself.IMG_3354

10 thoughts on “It’s just a little nip and tuck?…..

  1. Yikes, Tina, it’s always two steps forward, one back – but at least you’re heading in the right direction!

  2. Tina, I am so glad you are taking the week off work – maybe 2???? This looks like it could be pretty brutal doing all that you do on the job. You are going to look so good when all the stitches are healed. Blessings, Estelle

  3. It hurts to look at the photo; I can’t imagine how it really feels. You’re a brave girl, Tina, and you deserve to feel sorry for yourself once in awhile. And thanks for the word to the wise – I think I’ll stick to sit ups and pass on the lipo for now. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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