Hi Ho, Hi Ho ……

Alright, it’s time to fix up that little back bedroom,commonly refered to here as the A.S.S (after surgery sanctuary) ready for my return from the Swedish country club and spa, oh ok, but hospital doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun. I have an early check-in, in the morning, so hopefully that will mean that I will be over the anaesthetic and able to come home the same day. I am supposed to be in for about a three-hour opp. This sort of surprised me as I thought this little nip and tuck to my Barbie boobs was going to be a snap. Ha, when is anything a snap? But, on the positive side this should be my last and final trip to the OR in a long long time. My surgeon Dr V has just returned from a conference in Hawaii, so I feel certain she will be rested and ready to go. I have taken a full week off work to recover and I hope this will be enough. I am going to be stuck in bed for a while and am sure I will feel the need to write a blog post or two, so, bye for now and I’ll see you on the other side of what I hope will be an easy surgery.

8 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho ……

  1. Sending good vibes and prayers for your last surgery of this long journey!!! I’m so thrilled for you that you’re almost to the end of this!

  2. Nurse ratchet will be checking in on you later. Glad I didn’t have a flight booked out to you today as we are snowed in and airport closed! You’re going to do great xxxxxxx

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