New year, new tribulations…..

New year’s eve found us sitting outside around a big fire with friends. We were drinking a concoction of brandy and rum referred to as a Dickensian punch. It was delicious and delightful to watch being prepared with yet more fire, please click on the above link and make some for yourselves, perfect for the freezing December night. On our way home we pulled over by the water’s edge and set off a sky lantern (more fire)  As we stood with arms around each other and craned our necks to watch it float to the heavens I wished to be healthy, stay healthy, oh and a brilliant year for painting sales for Peter too lanternIf you have never seen or used a sky lantern they are truly beautiful and I can only imagine how magical it would be to see hundreds of them set aloft at once as they do at festivals in Thailand and China. One word of caution, always make sure you are in a wide open space. We once almost set one of our fir trees on fire, because it caught in the branches……Um, not our finest hour, but it was funny to watch my husband try to extinguish it very ineffectually with a hose pipe and not enough water pressure.

January 2nd and back to a busy day at work. The day was going well although, I did have a few more trips to the bathroom than usual but thought nothing of it. It is now my lot in life to be a more frequent visitor. It would have been about 5.15 when, on walking to catch my ferry home, I suddenly had that “OMG, I need a bathroom, immediately” thought. I swung into a coffee shop only to find the ladies occupied “Really?” I darted back onto the street and into a restaurant, where I asked if I might use their facilities. I damn near collided with a waiter and a tray full of drinks in my hurry to get there in time. “Phew, made it” Back on the street and hurrying now 5.22, ferry departs at 5.35 I had not gone more than two blocks when my nightmare came true….Yep, I crapped my pants on first avenue, with just three blocks to go. Oh, the humiliation, oh, the thought of all those happy new year hugs from my ferry friends, oh, how I did not want to miss this ferryand have to wait almost two hours till the next. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a cloak of invisibility. Spurred into action by the clock,5.26, I darted (minced, would be a better word) into the bar just before the ferry terminal. They have a very nice, large restroom…..with a sink. I did the best I could and on exiting ran slap bang into a friend, here came the hug “Oh please don’t breath to deeply” I think. I smile big and move away as fast as I can “Must dash or I’ll miss the boat” 5.34 Board ferry, eyes forward, walk past friends, wave a greeting and lock myself into the handicapped stall that also has a sink.Washed unmetionables, stuffed them in a plastic bag and emerged with smiles and hugs for all.

Happy new year everyone, may your dreams come true this year and your bathrooms be ever near.


2 thoughts on “New year, new tribulations…..

  1. Dear Tina,

    You really have been through it this past year. I refuse to think that this is an omen of what’s to come in 2013 – rather, this is one last test, and you passed it with flying colors as usual. May the rest of this year bring you much peace and happiness!

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