IMG_3246I hope you all had a lovely Christmas yesterday, sorry, I had really good intentions of writing last week, but time just slipped away, as it does. My very good friend and cohort Traci was having  serious surgery to remove a benign tumor (we called him Burt for years)  from her liver. She is doing well now and amazingly went home from the hospital yesterday although still in considerable pain. At least you are not being woken every hour at home, to be probed and poked and I hope she can now get some rest.

I had an appointment with my gynecologist a couple of weeks ago to review the  “Amazing shrinking vagina”  I had stopped using the estrogen cream months ago, on the advise of the breast surgeon, but wanted to see if I could go back on it again now that I have no breast tissue to worry about, to help with softening of that scar tissue caused by the pelvic radiation. The answer was yes ..hooray! Perhaps this next year may see the old tunnel of love back in action so to speak. I also went to see a genetic counselor who asked me loads of questions about my relatives and how they died and if they were Icelandic or Ashkenazi jews ????? yes, that’s what I thought. The link should explain. Anyway, I got a lot of information about mismatch repair proteins and a lot of other stuff I really didn’t understand. I was to have a test done on the original sample of my colon tumor done at the time of that first colonoscopy. Kind of weird to think that bits of me are in labs just waiting for an opportunity to be tested again, I wonder how long they keep those things? The long and short of all this boiled down to something called Lynch Syndrome. If I had tested positive, which, I am happy to report I did not, I would now be making plans to get a complete hystorectomy…Phew!

Lastly, about THE CAKEIMG_3266She looked a bit lumpy bumpy when I took her out of the tin but smelled deliciousIMG_3268I covered her with marzipan on Sunday that I purchased from marzipan confectioners in Spokane Wa.Shipped to my door lovely and freshIMG_3272Just had to add the royal icing and a bit of holly and ribbon on Monday afternoon and VOILA!IMG_3290As you can see, we polished off a fair chunk yesterday and sent friends home with extra helpings otherwise I am sure I would be having a piece for breakfast as it was quite heavenly and worth the time, trouble and wait. Damn, now I have to make one every year!

3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Hi Tina, Glad Traci is doing well and you are also. Please give my best to Traci. Ditto on the cake looks lovely. Did you give us a recipe that I missed by chance. If not, would you consider posting the recipe? I didn’t even get around to making Christmas cookies this year (other than decorating 4 gingerbread men that Macrina bakery baked) so I am not sure how I think I will make such an elaborate cake but would love to have the option. Wishing you a Happy New Year. *~*Estelle

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