Where’s the flippin’ lemonade?…………

IMG_3216I think I am pretty good at turning those old lemons into lemonade, but I may have just hit the wall. I received a letter last week from my health insurance company, telling my that because of the rising cost of health care, blah, blah, blah, my monthly premium would be going up come January 1st. Well great, I had been meaning to call them anyway, to find out if the policy I have been on was really the best and were there any better options for self employed people, like ourselves. I was told that, if I wanted to change at all, because of my pre-existing condition, there would be a wait time for coverage of nine months, really NINE DAMN MONTHS! are you kidding me? O.K. forget that then, just tell me what my new monthly premium is going to be, because I can barely manage the $669 I pay now…….wait for it……….$811………….”Holy bandaids Batman”

What am I to do? How can this be legal. I have had a couple of good friends tell me to file bankrupcy and to hell with the bills, but, honestly, that does not feel right to me. Perhaps this is the new way of dealing (actually not dealing) with your personal debt, and sure, I could make that payment a lot easier if I didn’t have all the other medical bills to deal with, but, the insurance has paid for thousands of those dollars and I feel responsible for the remainder. I think that if this filing bankruptcy business is a rife as it sounds, that is probably causing the insurance companies to raise their rates even more. A vicious circle I just do not know how to get out of. I wonder what you think of this whole mess and what you might do.

11 thoughts on “Where’s the flippin’ lemonade?…………

  1. Hi Tina, Yikes that is a hefty increase in your insurance premium. I really don’t know what to say except I would talk with Swedish, explain the increase in health insurance payment, and see if you can stretch out your payments to them to help compensate for the increase in your monthly bills. Insurance companies do seem to be able to raise rates – happens to us. Maybe call the insurance commissioner and see if he/she has recommendations as far as health insurance goes. My best and so sorry. Do whatever you have to do to make it through this. Estelle

  2. I think bankruptcy is there for a reason . like your situation! It’s not like you have been finacialy irresponsible. You have had a dbl whammy and you need help my friend.

  3. I’m with you, Tina. Our insurance premium went up when we had to switch to an individual plan and then they raised the premium again before we even went onto the coverage. I think it’s horrible the way insurance is in this country and how individuals are treated. I just sent a complaint to the Insurance Commissioner. Why can’t they put all the individuals into one big group?

    • Yes, that would be great wouldn’t it. It really is terrible to think how many people must go bankrupt because they get sick. I wish there was a group I could get into but now I probably couldn’t switch and stay covered, nifty scam that, I thought it was illegal but apparently not.

  4. This website appears to have some useful and probalby balanced information:
    Talking with your health care provider is a good place to start. If you don’t have the money to pay the bills and they know it, perhaps they will take a smaller payment rather than take a total loss. Also, be sure you have reviewed all your bills (ugh – does that seem like a horrid task!) for errors and over-charges. I would also recommend talking with a debt counselor or financial planner or someone like that who can help you manage going forward and help you understand your options and their ramifications. A cancer survivors’ group may also have insights, as the members have likely traveled this same road. Just some options and no easy solutions: the debt is still there. But, I am so glad that you are still here!

  5. You should look into Medicad. Its state run. You might qualify for assistance and a monthy sum on top of medical coverage. This is what I had to do. I could not have afforded all the stuff I had to do either. Its a horrible stress and Im sorry your now hitting this point. Its yet another speedbump in your road. I hate that your worried about bills. I completley understand. Qualifying for Medicad is a process but you deserve the assistance. We are seriously in need of federal healthcare.
    Love you so much, XOXO JCF

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