Things to be thankfull for………

For the second year in a row I did NOT have to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner. For that I am ever so grateful. Thank you Sue, for hosting and cooking a magnificent bird, and  to Sandy, Craig, Andy and Brian, your company and your food is always a pleasure.My apologies to all the non meat eaters out there for this picture.

There is a man coming tomorrow to fix that big hole in the bathroom wall and I am so thankful to know it will not be costing the arm and leg I had first though, just half an arm is all, so, I look forward to learning how to tape and mud as we will be doing that bit ourselves to save money. I assume it will be a bit like icing a cake only it’s a wall. I think I can do that! spatulas at the ready….

I suppose the list of things for which I am truly thankful, must really start out with that big one, MY LIFE   I feel I have been beyond lucky to have been assigned the wonderful doctors that have been my “team Tina”. Next to that all else pales. Except, my wonderful friends and I include my clients in that list….you are all spectacular! Thank you for your support both emotional and monetary, without you I would not have had the strength or resilience. This I know to be true.

P.S. Thank you Annie Lenox, I know you will never read this, but your music helped so much on the dark days and the bright ones.


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