Living in the Pacific Northwest…the good and the bad

First off, I am pleased to report my new boobs have been inspected at a post, post surgery appointment last week.I had one little stitch that had worked it’s way to the surface and felt sort of like a stiff whisker… had to come out. I did have a go myself but pulling stitches out yourself is beyond creepy. I am not sure how much longer this tight feeling will last,’m pretty used to it now, but it is always there. I am told to massage them vigorously every day with oil, but I have a feeling they will never be perfectly symmetrical  and that’s ok. I call them my Barbie boobs because she didn’t have nipples either.

This is the bad part of living in a wooden house in a place that has lots of rain. My beautiful orange bathroom looks like this at present.Yes, I know,scary isn’t it? Apparently, when we had the new windows put in, twelve years ago, this one was not sealed right and no flashing was installed. So, for the past dozen years it’s been a steady drip, drip, drip! Grrrr, how I hate the bloody rain sometimes, that and shoddy workmanship. This all means more and more bills to pay, oh enough of this let’s have a look at why living here is so great.A visit to the beautiful Lake Crescent last weekend with our friend Julie. The rain stopped for a day and it was magnificent.I mean honestly, this lake is stunning at anytime of year, but, with a low lying mist….mmm, so atmospheric. I felt as if I might be standing on the edge of a Scottish loch.This was just a cool shot as the sun popped out for a minute.A walk into the old growth rain forest. Trees with green hair…..fantastic. You expect a dinosaur to come tromping out at any minute.But, no, these were the only wee beasties we encountered.There was a big buck with them and we were a little tentative that he might come charging at us to protect his girls.If I had to choose between a leaky house (oh,did I mention we have one in the living room too) and not being close to this much beauty. I’ll take the leaks because it is so worth it. Hope it’s not too soggy where you are. If the weather is getting you down today, remember there is a turkey coming soon….YUM!

One thought on “Living in the Pacific Northwest…the good and the bad

  1. Tina, I looked through the photos before I went back to read your captions….as I got to the beautiful reflections on the water and oh so perfect that shot is, I thought…gosh, this looks like Scotland. Good Eyes and like Minds!

    Have a wonderful and most beautiful Thanksgiving…we do have so much to be thankful this year, you and Peter especially! Debbie B!

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