Cake update, award shows and work

First off, I have to tell a little tail on the continuing saga of the Christmas cake. She’s fine by the way, tucked away in her huge tin in the front cupboard. No this is about the next time I used the oven after her (not sure why it’s a girl, probably because she’s so fruity} baking. I noticed very quickly after turning on the oven that a bit of smoke was whisping out of the back vent. On opening the oven door….billowing, choking, kitchen engulfing smoke. “What the???” Turn off oven and inspect. The problem was a large pool of liquid on the oven floor. Now this is just a guess but, I think it might have been bourbon overload spillage, so, be warned.

I think I have told you how happy I am  to be able to watch some British TV on my lap top now. So, the other day when I was mopping my floors, no, I mean resting up before going back to work. I found an awards show that was called  The Pride of Britain awards show, so, I thought that would be good to have on in the background whilst I mopped, sorry rested. I love award shows with all the celebrities in their posh frocks and evening garb and to all intense and purpose that is what it seemed to be, untill I saw the first recipient. A nine-year old little girl who had pushed her younger sister out of harms way when a mad old woman put her car into reverse by mistake and mounted the pavement, crushing this little girls leg. The award was presented by her favorite pop star. The next award went to an elderly couple (and I mean in their late eighties) who raise money for charities by doing crazy stunts like abseiling off a twenty storey building …….What! I couldn’t do that. Oh, another of their fund-raisers was to sleep on beds of nails. Alright by this time I am on the couch with a box of kleenex. The whole show was about people who have done amazing things for their fellow man. The beautiful young woman who is dying from Hodgkin’s lymphoma who has single-handedly increased the amount of people on the bone marrow registry by hundreds of thousands. She was so beautiful, a frail elfin with parchment thin skin and a huge smile. I was a goner. What a fantastic idea for an awards show. Why don’t we have one in American? I don’t know about you lot but, I for one am sick and tired of hearing about all the negative shit on TV (don’t even get me started on about this election) This award show makes you want to go out and help someone not bash them over the head with a rolling pin.

Back to work this week. First day… problem. Second day……bit sore. By yesterday I was exhausted and feeling a bit beat up but have the whole weekend to rest up and maybe do a bit more knitting. I just made these baby booties in three sizes, for a friend at work, quite pleased with myself and a great way to use up that leftover sock yarn I can’t ever seem to thow away.


3 thoughts on “Cake update, award shows and work

  1. Very hopeful that you made your ferry! Thanks millions for yesterday including all your wonderful stories. See you in December.

    • Oh my goodness, those booties are absolutely precious! What a lovely gift. That show does sound wonderful. I’ve been complaining a lot lately about how all news is bad. It’s so hard to turn on any media without getting depressed. Here’s hoping for more good news.

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