Goodbye drains….

Finally got rid of those pesky surgical drains, honestly they were quite uncomfortable, also the stitches (nice and neat as they were) have gone also, I took my first total immersion bath yesterday…..aaah heaven! The first day I came home from the hospital and really I’m not sure you should take my behavior as a  good thing. I thew up twice before I got home because the anaesthetic had not really worn off and I found two spots on my stitch line s that were, well, not to be too graphic, oozing a little blood. I used a couple of those butterfly band-aids and they worked a treat. I am feeling happy to be through this and have dispensed with the narcotics now that I am feeling so good. For me, the hard part is remembering not to lift things that weigh more than 10 lbs, it’s pretty unrealistic , even wet laundry weighs more than that, but I am trying. I will be back at work this coming week so get your holiday cuts and colors booked.

The cake progresses
First big challenge was constructing this……two layers of parchment with a pleated bottom if you please, took me a good half hour.Took liberty and added extra lemon rind because I love it.Now it did seem that to combine all these ingredients into that little cake pan would be imposible……but.HEY PRESTO! It all fit inside. I did have to cut down that parchment paper a bit, I mean, how silly does that look?Right, here it is then. All ready to get tucked away in a big tin for a couple of weeks. Smells divine and weighs a bloomin’ ton. Just put one more drizzle of bourbon on before I put it to bed. This must be one of the strangest blogs out there. Cancer and cooking, who knew the two could go hand in hand.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye drains….

  1. Hi Tina, Glad you are truly getting back to normal. Your progress sounds wonderful. My mouth is watering for that delicious looking cake you are making. Are you going to do more than one? Take care and enjoy the season. *`*Estelle

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