Peter’s show and a Christmas cake……

First off, I must shamelessly promote my husbands upcoming show on Bainbridge Island. It’s a quick half hour trip over from Seattle via ferry and it’s always a lovely Friday artwalk, good place to go for a dinner date. How am I doing so far? The real scoop is that my husband has been working his fingers to the bone getting seventeen brand new works done for this show and it’s going to look fantastic. I bet it will be like walking inside a kaleidoscope. Now about this Christmas cake, I soaked the fruit overnight in about a pint of bourbon and WOW! When I took the lid off this morning I think I got a little drunk on the fumes…..oh it’s going to be good.I tried to photograph the recipe but it’s two pages long and too blurry to read here, so I’m afraid you are on your own but mine is from…..and…as we know, everything Nigella makes is delisous, so I’m vey hopeful, should be big enough to invite you all round for a slice.

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