Ah, Time on my hands…..

Well, what do you do with yourself when you have all this time and nothing to do. I’ll tell you what, you learn how to get British TV programs on your lap top, that’s what you do. OMG, its brilliant, I can watch all my favorite shows (ok, it’s not perfect, sometimes it does that buffering  thing) but on the whole I am able to watch just about anything, even the finals of the Great British Bake off, yep, I know you’ve never heard of it but it was the most watched show in the uk and I got hooked after just one veiwing. I have also decided to make a traditional Christmas cake (as I have decided it is my favorite food in all the world and you cannot get it over here…..anywhere! Trust me, I have been looking for the last twenty-eight years) all it is really, is a great big fruit cake soaked in alcohol and topped with marzipan and icing. Simply, a match made in heaven. So, because you have to make it a long time ahead, I thought “Why not? I’ll give it a go while I have all this time on my hands and come Christmas, one slice should put you under the table. You see, you feed it booze every week or so, to keep it moist. Americans have a strong aversion to fruit cake because the stuff I’ve tried over here is disgusting, but I’m telling you this is the bomb.

As far as my health goes, the biggest problem are these post surgical drains you carry around all the time.I have to wear a sort of a sports bra that is most uncomfortable where it touches them. These two seem very sensitive and touching them is miserable.. The best thing is my daily shower. For some reason it feels really good to run warm water over them.I won’t have them for much longer as I get them out this Thursday along with my stitches, that was quick wasn’t it? The stiches look very neat (well done Dr V, I bet she got gold stars in dressmaking) in case you are interested I’ll post a little close up shot.


3 thoughts on “Ah, Time on my hands…..

  1. Is that what’s known as Black Cake? Yes, please…would you share the recipe? Thank you in advance. And YAY!! You’ve come such a long way on this journey. I share it with you through prayer, and am so very glad you’re doing so well!

    • Hi Babs, well I’m not sure I’ve heard it called a black cake but, it is sort of black so??? I’d be glad to send the recipe, infact I’ll post it on the blog just incase anyone else fancies having a go.

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