One long day…

Well I stuck to my guns. I said I would come home the same day as my surgery and I did. Left the house at eight am and arrived back home with new boobs at ten thirty, fantastic. I really didn’t want to spend the night in hospital if I didn’t have to. The operation went well by all accounts and I was out of recovery by four thirty and feeling quite peppy. I ate something (a requirement to being let go) and kept it down right until the nurse said ” Alright, you can get dressed” then the minute she left the room I grabbed that pink plastic kidney dish and neatly deposited my bid for freedom “Quick Peter, lets hid it, no, I’ll flush it, she’ll never know” One minute more and I would have got away with it, but, after some pleading on my part a quick gig around the bed to prove my steadiness to go home, she finally gave me a hug and sent me on my way with all the usual paraphernalia  (gauze pads, ointment, drugs, cups for measuring drain out-put etc etc..) I managed to eat a few crackers on the ferry but left them in the bathroom too. Slept fitfully, because I have to get used to sleeping sitting up again for a bit and am pretty sore today. However, I managed a walk down the road and have my appetite back. The boobs don’t really look much different from before but they do feel a bit softer, too sore to go poking about much and the drain sites are really  tender. So, it’s princess time for me for a week or so, in fact I think I’ll just ring for a cup of tea:-)


3 thoughts on “One long day…

  1. Tina, we think of you all of the time, all day and dream the dreams. We didn’t get a chance to see you before this big day, but the three of us were with you though you may not have immediately noticed. We were the two people and the big furry dog. Tina, you are our hero and we so look forward to the end of this year. We absolutely love you and can’t wait for these next couple of weeks to pass. Stella misses you AND is looking forward to sharing cookies soon. The Bohlmanns with lots of kind hugs!

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