Surgery Day tomorrow…..

It’s that Hibicleans time again, and all of you who have been initiated into the sister/brotherhood of surgical patients know of what I speak.I have just had my evening before surgery, bathing ritual. Where one scrubs ones body with this bright orange liquid that, I guess kills any bugs that might be on your body. It’s an antimicrobial soap and I will wash any surgical bits of my body in it again tomorrow morning before I go in. I am so looking forward to getting these skin expander (rocks) out of my chest and some lovely soft silicone implants put in. The scars where I had the mastectomy done have healed soooo well, it’s a shame they have to cut back into them.Thought you might like a before shot so you can see for yourself how good they look.They look pretty good don’t they? Compared with how they looked in May after the first surgery. I have totally got used to the no nipple thing and quite honestly ….I’m kinda used to the smooth baldy look and feel of them. The square shape of them will I hope, be smoothed out with the soft round silicone implants. I will be coming home with drains (remember the hand grenades) again but will only have them in for a week or so. I was pretty upset to learn that this will not be my last surgery, as hoped. I will have to wait three more months for the final nip and tuck to the excess skin that is under my arms. The reason I’m annoyed about that is that it will be a new year and a new insurance deductable…Grrrrrr $3,500 right off the bat. Mind you, I’m not complaining, as I am alive and feeling great. So, really, I just have to keep the right perspective on things and realise that I will have a lots of medical bills for a long time and that’s ok. I am home until the end of the month and trying, I’m sure, not to do anything that I shouldn’t. See you on the other side of surgery when I am home and bloging again.


10 thoughts on “Surgery Day tomorrow…..

  1. God bless you sweetie….By tomorrow you will be a new woman, my thoughts will be with you.
    Much love, Krissi….Traci’s mom

  2. Nurse Ratchett will be keeping an eye from afar, and sending you gobs of love and positive energy! You’ll do great Old Bean x


  3. They are looking good, Tina. Thinking of you and sending more good thoughts for a successful surgery and smooth recovery! Hugs!

  4. What a transformation. Thinking of you and sending good thoughts for your surgery tomorrow! You’re a brave, amazing woman.

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