Ashbourne and Dovedale

Went to a lovely town called Ashbourne , just up the road aways from here. The weather was not very good but in typical British style the sun popped in and out. More out than in. I took a few pics around town, then we went to Dovedale for our walk….with our umbrellas. The Peak district has some stunning scenery and I have posted a few rather deary shots here but you get the idea. I am sure the sheep must be born with two short legs to be able to graze on these hills…..despite the weather (and believe me we saw a lot of serious hikers here) I had a smashing time 🙂                                        Went into some lovely antique shops.                     Had lunch here. The place has been a bakery since 1600.              The start of our walk, gosh, I love the dry stone walls.Here’s another… do they do this? and how many years have they been standing do you think?I made it all the way to the top. We counted over 100 stone steps. Worth every leg cramp that is sure to be coming later.


One thought on “Ashbourne and Dovedale

  1. Looks wonderful to me! Funny, there is a piacture of the White Swan in a bar on Queen Anne…perhaps there are many, but the sign looks exactly the same to me. Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

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