The Allotment…..

If English people have one big addiction it’s got to be gardening (going to the pub probably a close second) My brother and his wife have a lovely little garden that is so well-tended, nary a weed dare show its head, however, they also have what in this country, is called an allotment , for the growing of fruit and veg. I thought you might like to see a few shots of this ENORMOUS plot. I think they might be growing for Costco but they assure me it is mostly  all eaten by them.I love the big tepee of sweetpeas slab bang in the middle. They smell heavenly too.Some serous protection for their BrassicasThey even put in a little pond to attract wildlife.


One thought on “The Allotment…..

  1. My, this is serious gardening. It is also very beautiful. Is this at their home or do they have an area sort of like “the Pea Patches” in Seattle? Your family must also be good at canning and freezing to take advantage of all the produce. Thank you for the pictures.

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