A short trip to Hell…..

Somebody didn’t want me to leave…or maybe he just wanted to get packed in my bag.Aah, sorry Boris but I’m off to the airport.

I totally lucked out on my plane seat to England by scoring a window seat with a free one next to me, brilliant, this helped immensely when I needed to get up and go to the bathroom as I often have to go a few times in a row. The trouble started about three hours in, when I seemed to be getting up to go over and over again What! I took a load of Imodium to stop this very thing from happening. It was at this point that I felt a hot lump on the back of my neck, felt a bit like an insect bite and while I was standing in that back galley area (again) waiting impatiently for the toilet to vacate I noticed that I was feeling a bit dizzy too, I politely told one of the cabin crew (in case I hit the deck) and she pointed out that I did have a few hives popping up on my face and neck and gave me a glass of water. What on earth could be wrong with me? I tried not to panic and just drank loads of water, keep going to the bathroom, I lost track of how many times. I started putting wet paper towels on my angry hot spots in an effort to calm the little beasts and tried not to notice the other passengers looks of annoyance as I constantly nudged and knocked  their elbows and knees on my repeat trips down the aisle, this red blotched woman with an obvious bowl problem. At around eight hours in, the hives finally started to calm down and after a final crescendo of diarrhea, thank God , when this happened the toilet was free. I was able to get , oh I don’t know, maybe a solid half hour of sleep. Groggy and feeling pretty awful I stumbled into Amsterdam airport  about 4am PST. At this point I was afraid to eat anything much but did have two mugs of delicious coffee and a sausage roll. Walked around the airport umpteen times and by the time I boarded the plane for Birmingham UK I was feeling much better.

Look what they sell at Schiphol airport…tulips bulbs of course

My brother and sister-in-law were right at the gate to meet me as I arrived. Smiles and big hugs all around then, home for a nice cup of tea. They did have a pork pie and gin and tonic for me but I decided to wait until I had had a good night’s sleep, better to fully enjoy them.

7 thoughts on “A short trip to Hell…..

  1. My gosh, Tina, that sounds horrible! Are you allergic to immodium? Anyway, I hope the rest of your vacation is full of pork pies, gin and no more of the bad stuff!

  2. Hooray, you made it to England! Airplanes are a terrible place to be unwell. But it sounds like you handled this with your usual grace and humor (or at least I hope they helped to carry you through). I am proud of you for daring to travel in spite of potential “situations” that were unheard of in your pre-cancer life.

  3. Oh Tina … So sorry you had that miserable flight but so glad you’re in good hands now with your family. Thinking of you and hope the rest of your stay is blissful and relaxed.

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