Off on my Hols……

Gosh, I must apologize for not posting sooner. I have no excuse other than a busy life. Back at the start of the month Peter and I decided to throw a little summer party for our friends on this side of the water who have all been so incredibly supportive over the last year and half. We started having a big summer party a few years ago when I had the harebrained idea to roast a whole pig. I don’t want to call it a fiasco because it was a great party, but, if I just post this one picture of me and the pig and I tell you thunder and lightning was happening all around me at the time, you might notice the smile on my face is a little tense.

The sun never did come out that day but at least it stopped raining and a good time was had by all (except the pig of course) This year the weather was beautiful and because gardening has not been on my list of allowed activities untill recently, I must thank my husband for all his hard work in a last-ditch effort to make the place look nice.

We even managed to find and put up the hammock, you can just see it behind the tree.

Last weekend it was time to summon the ramblers together for our bi-monthly walk and it was decided that we would cheat a bit and all go on the Port Townsend Farm Tour…Well we were walking and it was a rural setting so I think it counts. It was a spectacular day with fifteen different farms to visit. I left my camera at home but did take a shot on my phone of this extraordinary Jacobs sheep, an ancient breed from Syria. Pretty cute huh?

Now I am getting ready to go off to England tomorrow to visit my brother Chris and his wife Helen for ten days. I will be back to work Oct 5th then I have surgery scheduled on the 16th to get these skin expanders taken out (hooray) and some nice soft silicone  implants put in their place. For now, I am looking forward to surrounding myself in Britishness. Will keep you posted whenever I can.By the way, I have noticed that I have a lot of new people around the world reading this blog and I would love to hear from some of you. The power of the internet makes this big world seem very small. At my last count forty seven different countries are reading me I can hardly believe it’s true….Hello out there………….


2 thoughts on “Off on my Hols……

  1. Hi Tina, I stopped by Spex to say Hi on Friday only to find out you are in England. I have missed your last couple of blogs. Your trip sounds lovely; I am so happy you are able to visit your family and homeland. Roasting of the pig was impressive. Your yard and home look lovely. I am beginning to see why you make the ferry trek to this wonderful place. Hope you have a more tranquil plane trip home. Thinking of you, *~*Estelle

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