Flying Kites…

Just got back from the Long Beach Kite festival in Washington. Wow, I had no idea that kite flying could be well, so popular. We talked to one man who had brought 100 kites with him, one of which had a fancy camera attached to its string??? We had beautiful weather (amazingly) and had just a great time with our friends and their kids. Did not have any heart stopping mad urges to cry pineapple or desperate searches for a bathroom so that was a huge bonus and allowed me to really enjoy myself. Thought you might like to see a few pics……..There were big ones, not really sure what this one was supposed to be…There was some fantastic synchronized flying by an old guy called Ray Ray, who is an institution and looked to be about 80 years old, but flew these three kites all at once in an amazing display.All, colors and shapes.I loved this oneI have about a million pictures of kites now, oh and one duck………..


3 thoughts on “Flying Kites…

  1. Hi Tina!

    I have a good friend who recently sent me this email.

    “What does one send their “very sick and depressed with voluntary chemotherapy mother… who also happens to be turning 60″ for her birthday?

    Go home would be the obvious answer, and I’ll see if I can arrange that. But I should also probably have a gift.”

    I thought maybe I could run this question by you? Not that you can identify with the 60 part!

    Love your blog. I subscribe to it via Google Reader so I never miss a post!

    – Liz M.

    • Hi Liz, Gosh, good question. One of the nicest gifts I recieved through the mail was Pelindaba theraputic salve from Friday Harbour. They make really beautiful hand creams and lotions, no, I mean really SUPER DUPER GREAT! This cream is so nice to use, I keep it by by my bedside and use it every night.You can order online I am sure, that and some beautiful fragrant flowers. Chemo makes everything taste like metal and mud but you sense of smell is still good.

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