My new party trick….

My tissue expander thingies have been in place for two and a half months now and although there is still a definite feeling of tightness over my whole chest, things do seem to be relaxing a little bit. The skin is softer and loser and my scars are healing  a treat. I am even able to sleep on my side for a while but this does cause a bit of pain after a time. I really can’t wait to have the nice soft implants put in in October I feel sure this will relieve the tightness, at least I hope so. I still have some limited range of motion on the left side where the surgeon took out some lymph nodes but I’m working on that in yoga and all in all I am quite pleased with my new smaller chested self. As for the nifty new party trick I can do……. I can engage my pec muscles and make my boobs twitch up and down. I cracked myself up the first time I found this new talent and started showing off to friends. That was untill some man, previously unknown to me, on the ferry happened to be looking my way as I was performing my amazing feat, we locked eyes (his rather large, eyebrows up) “Wow!” he shouts across the room “Now that’s impressive” I immediately went a nice shade of deep crimson. I feel at this point that I must explain the significance of the party trick in my family. Back in my parents day everyone had to have one for family get togethers and the like. This was often the ability to play a musical instrument ( no matter how badly) my mother played rag time piano with gusto, or recite poetry or sing but my father’s trick was legendary. He was a tall slim man with amazingly lose hip joints. He could sit on the floor, pull his feet up and over his head, locked at the ankles and stay in this position whilst drinking a pint of beer or something. Pretty cool huh? No I know, it’s downright weird, but family history is family history no? I thought I would leave you with this video of a very famous British man called Tony Holland (click on his name) who wowed audiences back in the 70’s on a show called opportunity knocks (the original Britain’s got talent)…….who knows, with a lot of practice, I might be on to something……………


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