The calm after the storm….

My plan worked out fabulously, although the ring on my thighs took a while to disapear.The whole ‘stay in the bathroom’  was about two hours….see perfect for a movie and about four litres of fluid, good grief , you have to drink a lot. The actual colonoscopy was a breeze. Dr B was super sweet as always and the new endoscopy center is very modern and spacious. The staff were all very upbeat and friendly and the very best part of all….my result. CLEAN. No bumps, no polyps, nothing out of the ordinary. And, in case you care, I had lost not one but two pounds when I got on the scale this morning..Ha! However, I am sure to have put at least a pound back on at the Bakery Nouveau in west Seattle on the way home and if you have never been there it is worth the trip. My only slip up came after the procedure was over on. I needed the bathroom desperately, twice while still in the hospital, and you know there is one on every corner…..unfortunatly I didn’t make it in time and again on the ferry (still in the car) on the way home. They fill your colon up with something and air and that something just had to come out. Oh well I had on black stretchy pants so I hope nobody noticed. Just for your amusement and my humiliation here is the photo Peter insisted on taking last night.


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