Time for another colonoscopy

Oh boy it’s that time again. I am not going to be one of those friends who harp on like a broken record, but please, if you are over 50 and have not done so yet, go and get a colonoscopy. If I had done mine when my GP told me to and not two years later when I wanted to, my cancer might only have been a little polyp and it would have been a simple snip (or whatever) “Off with his head” done and dusted, come back in ten years. So, today I am doing my MOVIPREP………For the un initiated, this is the name of the yucky stuff you are given to drink to clean your…ehm, I think we all know what it does! But, what bright spark came up with this name? To me this sounds like a party box for the movies and should come with a large popcorn and soda at the very least, would a bag of twizzlers be too much to ask? I do have a little secret to share about how to get through this ordeal in the easiest way possible, and that is to do a clear liquid diet for two days and instead of just the one. That way you only have to drink the prep once. However, right at this moment I could happily eat a horse so I’m trying to focus on the extra pound I’m sure to have lost when it’s all over.

Here is my dilemma. I have very little muscle control when it comes to diarrhea, in fact I’m not sure I have any. What am I going to do when the urge hits? and it hits you hard I can tell you from experience.I am going to stay in the bathroom, that’s what I’m going to do. I have a small table that Peter got down from the loft this morning and I am going to set up my lap top in front of the toilet and watch a movie untill the fireworks are over…BRILLIANT!


4 thoughts on “Time for another colonoscopy

  1. Perhaps they should rename it MoviePrep?! Hoping everything comes out well…and although that sounds like really bad joke, I really do mean it!

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