A taste of home…

I don’t know about you but this Olympics viewing  schedule is exhausting. I mean really, if the UK is eight hours ahead and everything has happened long ago, why can’t we watch it a bit earlier in the evening. There is no way I can stay up until midnight every night ( although I feel compelled to try) for two weeks. I must say that all this in my face Britishness is making me ever so homesick. I find myself longing for a steak and kidney pie and half a pint of larger. I didn’t even like steak and kidney pie when I lived there?? I have decided I can take it no longer…..I must take a trip home. I have booked a flight for myself at the end of September. Peter will stay and look after the house and animals and I shall go and stay with my brother Chris and his wife Helen in the cute village of Barton-under-Needwood. My friend asked me what a Needwood was? I have no idea but will now have to find out. My brother asked me what I wanted to do when I come to visit , “Er…..eat steak and kidney pie and drink lots of larger please” There was a pause on the other end of the phone “Really” finally I came to my senses ” Just joking, a melton mowbry pork pie and a gin and tonic, when I first arrive would be lovely” A much better choice in my opinion. I am really really looking forward to a little roots trip, my brother and sister-in-law are terrific gardeners so I hope to come home with  knowledge and a few seeds perhaps. In case you are curious here is a picture, courtesy of Wikipedia, of a pork pie, which is always eaten cold. 

6 thoughts on “A taste of home…

  1. Old Bean – I am right there with you… the Olympics (and especially the opening ceremony) make me feel homesick too! And, what is wrong with me? One of my dearest friends who I have known since age 4 is overseeing a good portion of the Olympics and I could have had tix to see any and every event! Cannot believe I didn’t even think about heading home during this time!! Oh welI, 3 more weeks and I will be in jolly old England – “having me a milton mowbry, pickle onion and a pint of 1664 lager!” I will have one for you too…

  2. I want a g & t and that pie too, which looks sort of like a country pate. Sounds like much better medicine than you’ve had lately…

  3. Tina, wishing you a wonderful time on your trip . I am so happy it has worked out that you can visit your brother and his wife and enjoy the things you miss from your homeland. *~*Estelle

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