A little excercise is a good thing…..REALLY?

I went eagerly to my first yoga class in over a year and a half yesterday. “Oh, this will be great” I thought to my self. Time to get that flabby tummy tightened up and my ham strings stretched out “Oh , I can hardly wait”……That was yesterday…….If I just tell you that in order to sit up this morning I needed help. Those flabby tummy muscles are revolting (in more ways than one) “Oh Lordy! it hurts to lift my coffee mug” This getting back into shape business is for the birds…the birds I tell you! I am in all kinds of pain, all over my body. The muscles in my chest seem to have contracted and now my poor old chest is tighter than ever. Whose brilliant idea was it to go to yoga? Oh, yes , it was mine. Anyone who doesn’t think it’s a real work out, take heed of my warning.You know you are going to be a little stiff when you haven’t worked out for a while but honestly, this is horrible. I will try to roll out of bed in a bit and go for a walk, that’s going to be the best I can do today, me and my bright ideas.


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