Five minutes from famous

Well, that’s not really true, but would like to thank Sally at the brilliant ‘Improvised Life” blog site in New York for posting my e-mail and link to my blog. I had quite a few new visitors yesterday that’s for sure.

On Tuesday I was back up at the hospital for my pathology report from the breast surgeon and found out that my supposed DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) was actually an invasive cancer (stage one) so I am really happy that I chose the mastectomy.I just read in the British medical journal, that after a study of 55,000 women who had a lumpectomy and radiation treatment for DCIS, had a 1 in 3 chance of re- occurrence. I am sure alot of that depends on the surgeon and how well they are able to remove all the cancer first time around, but , for me with my history, I am so very glad I chose to lose the whole thing,hopefully, lessening my chance for the nasty stuff to come back.  Whilst I’m taking about that, I will report a slight lessening of tightness around my chest. Still feels like I have some teenagers training bra on, several sizes too small, but it is a bit looser and I am now sleeping laying down…..hooray! Gosh, I almost feel like a normal person again. I have also worked out almost all of that axillary cording business that was running down my left arm. The physical therapist said that these cords can snap, send thoughts of gumby arms flashing before my eyes but I’m happy to report that didn’t happen.

Last Sunday, a few friends and our dogs, got together and went for a walk. It has been my intention to start up some sort of walking group for sometime so I hope we can keep it going. Above is a picture of  Peter and  Charlie leading the way

2 thoughts on “Five minutes from famous

  1. Yay for being famous! I hope even more people come find out how fabulous you are. I love the picture, so much green goodness along with the handsome boy and his dog.

  2. So awesome for the promo! Glad to hear you are starting to feel normal again. Yay for sleeping laying down! It’s funny what you can take for granted until you can’t anymore.

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