A grand day out

Tuesday was a full day at Swedish hospital. Starting off with a full panel blood draw at 10.45 next over to Seattle Radiologists for a cat scan with the lovely pina colada lookalike drink, that isn’t. Bit of lunch then over to the cancer institute to see my oncologist Dr G. Cat scan results were A-one and had a nice long chat (and a laugh) with him about weight loss as he is a mere shadow of his former self and I now need to jump on that particular band wagon. Having small protrusions now (I reckon about a b-cup??) I am looking a tad disproportionate with the middle-aged spread that is happening beneath. So, the good Doctor told me all about his re-shaping with the immortal words “You have to count every calorie you put in your pie hole” Taking this to heart I have no downloaded the app called ‘Lose it’ ,is there an app for everything these days? So, we shall see. Next stop the colorectal clinic to discuss my bowel problems with the lovely Dr B. Never in my life would I have thought I could describe this bodily function in such detail. Turns out I have a syndrome! It’s called “Lower anterior resection syndrome” despite the topic of conversation and the rectal exam I always enjoy seeing Dr B, he is such a warm and generous man and so unlike the quintessential “cold-hearted” surgeons you usually encounter. I will need to get another colonoscopy soon and the thought doesn’t bother me a bit. Should I be worried about that last statment I wonder?


One thought on “A grand day out

  1. Tina, you looked great when I saw you last week! I used Lose It for quite awhile and found it very helpful. It’s especially fun to add in exercise and then see how many extra calories you get back. Good luck!

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