Friday the 13th

The day started out in its usual slow and easy coffee in bed way, building to the “your going to miss the ferry, what, we don’t have time to iron ….oh give it here, you brush your teeth” crescendo. So dashing out the door I managed not to actually look at what I had asked Peter to iron for me (a white shirt) untill, walking onto the ferry. Is that a stain? Wait, this thing is covered in yellow stains, what could that be I just took it out of the laundry basket. Now, for those of you who do not own cats, this is one reason you don’t own multiple mongies, sometimes they pee on things! Yep, great start to the day! Right, plan of action…..walk quicker than usual allowing for brief stop at Ross (dress for less) before work. No problem, that was until on disembarking I felt that odd cramping sensation that precedes a colon spasm and my need for a bathroom, and I mean PRONTO! Stopped once at the terminal before hitting the street at a fast walk and had to stop again at Starbucks. Oh for goodness sake….really? I dashed into Ross and grabbed the first white top that looked as if it would fit and stood , very impatiently in line, to pay. Now, I am running, hot and sweaty and…….thunder???….lightening???, you’ve got to be kidding. I dash in the front door at work, just as the rain starts pelting down. Straight into the bathroom in time  for spasm number three, change top, the new one instantly clinging to my beyond sweaty and rain-soaked body. Run my wrists under cold water for a full minute, just like my mother used to do before making pastry and try to calmly greet my client with cool hands and a smile.The really funny thing that a friend told me on the way home when I relayed  my morning, and she was perfectly serious, the problem, apparently was not the fact that today was the 13th but that the planet Uranus is in retrograde…well of course, that explains everything!


2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Tina, what a morning! Somehow you got everything taken care of. I just noticed the chair you painted and upholstered – looks professional. Sorry you are still having bowel problems. It is good you are seeing your Dr; hopefully he can help abate the problems you are having. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. *~*Estelle

  2. You have the MOST MAGNIFICENT writing style Tina! You really should be published.

    My heart goes out to your CHALLENGES and sends you energy of TENDERNESS for your SELF! You are such an amaaaazing example of good humor in the face of adversity. It’s lovely to hear that you honor yourself with, “usual slow and easy coffee in bed way”.

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