Refelections on my week

I hate to be negative on a subject so close to many an Americans heart, but I really despise the whole “Fireworks for all”, aspect of the 4th of July. Why? Because in my neighbourhood at least, it sounds pretty much like being in a war zone (not that I’ve ever been in one , but I have watched enough news footage to imagine) Animal freak-outs aside, there is a veterans home just down the hill from us and I wonder if some of those huge fireworks they set off nowadays don’t sound like mortar shells going off to some of the old guys. In my mind’s eye I see them taking cover under their beds or something similar. I may be way off base, but I do know that my animals hate it and this year I heard a small dog somewhere close to my house, squealing in terror. It broke my heart. Can’t we just have big , organized displays? Or limit the types that are sold to the public and have some kind of curfew on when you set them off because again, in my neighbourhood it tends to go on for almost a week. OK, enough soap boxing on that subject. How about this super-duper weather? I am loving it and after seeing the surgeon last week, I now have permission to exercise all I like. So, first off……WEEDING! Got a good three wheelbarrow loads done. Then decided to paint the outside table and chairs on the deck, oh and the seats were looking so shabby, so I re- upholstered those too with Peter’s help.. Alright, I know this sounds like too much work and it probably was, but it feels so good to be able to get back to normal activities. In fact that’s one of the key things for me is just doing normal stuff. Yes, I was sore and yes, I had to take a pain-killer but I don’t care.

Sunday, we were invited to spend the afternoon with friends on Heron Island and it was glorious except for my colon acting wacky which it sometimes does and I’m not sure why, so I have an appointment with Dr B next week to discuss. If there was ever an olympic event for who could poop the most times in a day, I tell you, I’d be in the running. While we are on the subject of sports, It’s been a heavy week for me. First, it’s Tour De France time and while I don’t even pretend to understand all the strategies and scoring of this sport, I am compelled to watch what must be one of the most grueling and amazing races in the world. Those guys seem super human to me. Then there was Wimbledon, and a mens final that had the whole of the UK watching, so sad Andy Murray lost. Phew! Time to set up the badminton court…………I think it will be good exercise for me, I’ll be gentle, I promise.

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