Bolder is not always better….

All joking aside, I will not be getting the Dolly Parton size boob job. Yesterday was my last fill-up. It is rather difficult to explain the sensation of having your skin stretchers stretched, but, suffice to say , it’s not pleasant and if I thought they felt like rocks before now they feel like bolders.That just made me laugh, remember calling your bra an “Over the shoulder bolder holder”? Well, these babies need no support and I think in the end it will be great to rid my life of those particular garments. I did get a little bit of bad new yesterday also. I was under the impression that my next surgery, to take rocks out and put in nice squishy silicone implants, would be  three months from my original mastectomy. The truth is its three months from your last fill up, so now I’m looking at October and I will have to take more bloomin’ time off work (unable to do much) when what I had really planned to do was take a quick trip home to see my brother and his wife. I have been feeling really home sick this last year and don’t really want to go in the winter, so that will have to wait I think.


One thought on “Bolder is not always better….

  1. Tina, I am soooo sorry about your visit home being possibly delayed. I hope it works out so u can visit before winter. Just a thought – could your brother & his wife visit here as soon as it works with your schedule & u could visit them later. At least u could see your brother and then visit him in your home land later???

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