Time to shape up

Well, as this was my first week back to work I was quite simply, chomping at the bit to get back in the saddle (now there’s a mixed metaphor for you) Oh joy,back to work after my marvelous benefit, I was high on life Wednesday morning. Just three hair cuts then I could get back on the early three o’clock ferry and be home with Peter around five. Oh my God! Can I just tell you, and in all the years I have been ferry commuting (about 12) this has never happened. I was so tired I fell into such a deep sleep on the ferry, I was awoken by a kick on my shoe bottom by security telling me the entire boat had unloaded and if I didn’t get a move on I’d be going back to Seattle. I stumbled off the ferry caught the next one, walked in the door, ate some food,went to bed, . . I suppose I should know better by now because this sort of happened before. When you lay around like a lump of lard for a month your whole body gets weak, I think your muscles actually start to atrophy( wish that were true for the tummy rolls. I have been really struggling this week and I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I do have to go back into town tomorrow for a physical therapy appointment and it’s time for another, painful I’m sure, boob injection fill up. Are, well, next week I will be stronger and the week after stronger still.


3 thoughts on “Time to shape up

  1. I didn’t realize you took two ferries to get home until your fète. Cynthia and I spoke to a very nice young lady who rode the same way with you on the ferries back and forth to Seattle. She said that before she knew you, she’d try to just sit as close as possible to you to hear your lovely voice and accent.~Jo

  2. You are back to work? That is great. I am sorry I missed your party, but I come here every day to see how you are doing. I will have to come downtown so I can see you! *hugs*

  3. Hi Tina, I love your pic of the ferry with Seattle in the background. I know you will get stronger as time goes on. It is good you are catching winks when you can. I know you are British but can I say “Happy 4th” anyway????

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