Rock and Roll…

I went to have my boob skin stretchers stretched a bit more this week. Blimey, If this is what it feels like to be pregnant I’m glad I never did it. I feel as if someone has taken two large stones and stitched them under my skin. They are hard and it’s rather painful. I think I’m only to an A cup so I telling you right now there will be no bodacious boobs ever again. I saw a woman on the TV the other day, who had enlarged her breasts to the size of watermelons. I just don’t see how it’s possible to stretch the skin that much….ouch. I am told to massage them daily and I do it a lot, hoping to make my skin looser but it doesn’t seem to be working. It’s also weird to have bits of you that are  numb and bits that are not. I decided in observance of my big night tonight, I would de-fur my arm pits….ha ha, it’s such a strange feeling to shave on numb skin. I had to be really careful not to cut myself. Anyway, big night for me tonight, I think that if you are coming, you will not be disappointed, so I hope to see you at six….come hug my rocks.


2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll…

  1. Hi Tina, just opened your latest entry. Last night was lots of fun. U have great friends which added 2the enjoyment of the evening. Now the stretching of the boobs issue-please b patient. Can u possibly do smaller injections & extend the time element for stretching??? Anyway u were glowing last night & looked great. *~* Estelle

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