After Father’s day comes Fava Day…..

Yes, I know that was a bit corny but I couldn’t help myself. It is hard to believe the weather was so beautiful yesterday, looking outside at  the rain this morning. It was just about a perfect day. Our wonderful friends Sandy and Craig gave up their Sunday and came over with their power mower (we have a push one that I thought at the time of purchase was a very good idea, it was not) and a weed wacker (Peter blew the motor on ours, the weeds won that day) and between the three of them the garden is looking so much better. So, banned from doing too much myself I wandered around and took a few snaps of life outside.

Because of my limitations  I have not planted much of an eating garden this year,but I do have one of my favorites ready to harvest….fava beans. I know it’s not a common one to grow because they are a bit finicky to prepare. However, on a summer’s day I cannot think of too many dishes that I enjoy more than fresh favabeans sautéed in a little olive oil with a couple of cloves of garlic and a shallot. So delicious.

First Harvest beens.

Next, pry them from their velvety beds.

Blanch in boiling water for two minutes.Squeeze beautiful bean from shell.

Cook as mentioned or just pop in mouth and enjoy the taste of summer.


2 thoughts on “After Father’s day comes Fava Day…..

  1. Hello sweetheart-the very first fava beans I ever prepared where the ones you brought to me the first time you and Peter came to dinner at our home. I fixed them exactly as you suggested and they were SO delicious!! See you on Sunday.

  2. Yum! I’ve never tried growing fava beans before. I’ll have to give them a try next year. I just harvested over a pound of snowpeas yesterday!

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