This is so exciting…….

All right, the picture above is of our dog Alfie and it just about sums up how I’m feeling….roll in the grass happy. My big benefit is this coming Sunday and it’s going to be fantastic. The food, the auction items ,again it’s going to take all my strength not to bid on some of these items myself, and the drinks.I hear there is also going to be a wine grab bag raffle, that sounds really fun. I know for a fact there is some wonderful artwork to be had, probably for a song. I get to see so many of my friends. Did I mention the food will be fantastic. All I need is you. I also need to make it clear that you may make a donation at the door if you have not already done so on this site, so no worries, The only thing I wish we had is a band …because I feel like dancing. Probably not a good idea in my current condition but you know what I mean….in my heart. So I hope to see you all on Sunday.


2 thoughts on “This is so exciting…….

  1. I’m sorry that I will not be able to be there; but I hope you have heaps of fun and I’ll be sending in my donation. ❤

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