I’m over it!!!

All right , enough is enough. I’ve had my little pity party for one. Boo hoo’s all dried up. Now first off a few of thank you’s. My friend Sarah can over yesterday armed with tools and gloves and helped me do a little weeding (she did most of it, I just watched) I think I’ve explained I am now being over run and although I have pulled a few, doctor says no. Well the brilliant thing about weeding a garden is that no matter how much you do it’s a 100% improvement. My thanks to Sandy for the wonderful massage oil she concocted just for me. Thanks to Andy and Brian for bringing over the most delicious onion tart this side of France. A big thank you to our friend Craig who came over at the drop of a hat (as he always does) if ever the two DIY duffers can’t fix something, and fixed our garden gate so our Charlie (big and usually dumb dog) who suddenly (after five years) worked out how to escape. To my friend Gregory who just returned from Italy and bought me some beautiful tea made by some Benedictine monks. Really Tina, what the hell have you got to feel down about when you have such  amazingly caring people around you….Get a grip girl! At some point during my week in the doldrums I heard my Mothers voice loud and clear “Always count your blessings and remember there is always someone worse off than yourself” Yes Mum I get it.

Dad looking dapper in his WWII uniform

Dad looking dapper in his WWII uniform

May I wish all the Dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day. I have to admit (and I know it’s stupid really) but our lovely bunch of furry children send cards on Mother’s and Father’s day. Good grief, I should not be admitting to this in public because it really is silly. but oh well, done it now. I only had my own Dad for twelve years of my life and many things about him I cannot bring to mind now. The sound of his speaking voice for instance. But some things I remember a clear as anything. His hands, the shape of his fingers and nails, isn’t that odd. If ever I see a man with similar shaped hands I think of my Dad immediately. His laugh. It seems we all have our own unique one of those, although I hear a bit of it in my brother sometimes and it makes me happy. One of the happiest memories is standing on my Dad’s feet while we danced a waltz around the room, such a wonderfully simple thing but it has stayed with me all my life. Perhaps it is why I became a ballroom dancer…who knows. Anyway, I hope all you Father’s are creating some wonderful memories for yourselves and your children today.

2 thoughts on “I’m over it!!!

  1. Hi Tina, glad you are feeling better. We all need and deserve a little down time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; hang in there. I am looking forward to seeing you @ your benefit on Sundaiy. Take it easy, lots of rest is good. *~* Estelle

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