A really big show…….

All right my wonderful friends, as some of you already know I am having another benefit to raise some money for those damn medical bills that will not stop falling from my letter box. I have been paying insurance premiums for, what 30 years almost, and this is not the way it should be.Just to give you an idea, I am at present, sending out over $2500 a month and that will continue for years, untill I have paid them all paid off. Anyway, my wonderful friends Jodi and Alan Davis have offered to do it all over again for me and with the help of Sandy and Nancy this should be a really great evening. I can guarantee that the food will be marvelous and the drinks (It is being held in one of Seattle premier distilleries) will be smashing.This is a much bigger venue than the last one at the Palm room and although it was so fun to see you all squished into that lovely space it was hard for me to mingle. There will be another silent auction although I don’t know all the items donated, I do know there will be some fab artwork, jewelry and wine on the table.I hope it will be a ton of fun and then I won’t feel like the girl holding out the begging bowl.


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