The joys of Cuba

I have never been to Cuba, but is on my wish list especially now I have tasted a cuban sandwich. Let me explain, yesterday my very good friend Jay (a whizz in the kitchen) offered to come over from Seattle with our friend Tim and make us a Sunday brunch. “Please, yes, what a treat” So, Jay arrived and proceeded to make these Cuban sandwiches which he assured me are pretty authentic after eating them at a Cuban restaurant in Fremont. WOW! they are pulled pork and ham, mustard, pickles, pickled jalapeno and arugula all squished in a hoagie roll and pressed like a panini. absolutely delicious. While kitchen preparations were under way another friend Susan, turned up under the auspice of “I’ll just stop by to say hello and see how you are doing”. She tottered in with about  half a dozen grocery bags to “Help keep us stocked up” What an angel and what a thoughtful gesture, she thought of everything from toilet rolls to cookies. I will admit here and now that the last few day I had been feeling blue, which for me is unusual. But, really the whole boob thing is hurting way more than I expected and I’m sick of sleeping sitting up and those damn drains get in the way…blah blah blah. So, thanks guys I don’t think you realized how perfect you timing was.


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