Fill me up Buttercup……..


Time to visit the plastic surgeon for my first boob fill up. Firstly let me just give big kudos to Dr V because she has a service dog in her office, in the middle of Swedish hospital, where you would think anything hairy would be a no-no. Her name is Lilly and she is super sweet as you can imagine. Brilliant for calming nerves in the waiting room. So, in I go with Peter in tow and do the usual strip down and get a little poking and prodding and how you feeling. I am, by the way feeling pretty good but that elephant is still sitting firmly on my chest and I cannot imagine that there is room for more expansion in the squarish lumps that are my tissue expander things. Au contraire! First we use a stud finder (her words) to locate the exact spot that the needle is inserted (not supposed to hurt, did a teeny bit) then a huge syringe of saline is plunged into my skin. I was very doubtful that it would all fit, but hey presto! it did. Ditto to the other side and I’m done for another week, when my drains will be removed. This will be a relief because they do get in the way and it’s hard to know where to put those hand grenade balls at the ends. I pin them to a t-shirt or try to stuff them in my waistband.


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