The Queens Jubilee

Well, you don’t think for one moment that Julie and I could let this momentous event pass by unclelebrated do you? Two Brits stuck out in the sticks with nary a union jack in sight whilst back home the revelry is abounding for four whole days. So we invited a couple of friends over who ask  “We are having tea for the Queen? But why” Can’t really answer that one succinctly it must be in the genes I think. So, polished up Mums old silver tea service (first time its seen a tea bag in years) got out the Royal Albert china, ditto to that too. Made a cake and some lovely cheese and onion and cucumber sandwiches , sans crusts of course. Also a delicious crab salad (thanks Traci) Hoisted up the flag, sang the nation anthem and Bob’s your uncle, instant Jubilee party. We had a great time although I did have to go have a little nap at the end.

2 thoughts on “The Queens Jubilee

  1. A most excellent celebration by my favorite Brit! It sounds like a great time & it absolutely HAD to happen. Glad you felt like celebrating!

  2. I shall have a cuppa in YOUR honor. Tina, I had no idea what you’ve been going through. There aren’t words. I’ve read your recent postings and am in awe of your strength and positive attitude. So sorry I can’t be at the event on the 24th. I will be on my way to … Minnesota! Is there a way to bid on auction items online? And I think it’s time I have a work of art by my childhood friend. We’ll be in touch.
    Sending you loads of light and well wishes on wings.
    Jean (Nelson)
    Parkville, MN
    p.s. BTW you share a birthday with many wonderful friends and relatives. Some even Brits! And the most special one being my brother Dan’s youngest daughter who just turned 30. You are in very good company, fellow Gemini.

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