The Naked Truth

I Have decided to post a picture of my mastectomy scars. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t it? We all know so many women who have had to have this operation and it’s not as if I want to go around flashing or anything, but I feel as if you should all see the unvarnished truth of how devastating this thing is to a woman. This is not about “poor me” at all. I have so many caring, loving and just plain fantastic friends. Not to mention a husband who would love me no matter what I looked like, no,I am doing great. But what about all those women who don’t. The quiet ones who say nothing, the ones that don’t talk about it (unlike blabber mouth here) People you know from work or neighbors, even relatives that sit and cry alone. People like me who are not much for joining groups. I don’t  like the idea of a bunch of us sitting around telling tales of ‘woe is me’ or ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ sort of a thing. If there was one called “Sister hood of the wacked off boobs” or something like that, then maybe. But, that’s just me, somehow poking fun at it all helps me. My own mother (saint that she was) never complained, I never saw her cry and I know she must have, we all do, yes, even stiff upper lip me (only once though) Mothers never want their kids to worry or fret over them do they. Just know they all had to look in the mirror and see this…………………..


10 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

  1. Thank you for posting this, Tina. It gives me a much better idea of what you’re dealing with. So many stitches! I know we talked about people calling you brave and what does that mean, you just deal with what you’re dealt etc, but I have to say it now…you are one brave and tough gal!! Big hugs!

  2. But on second thought, careful hugs, or maybe just virtual hugs, as I’m pretty sure real hugs would not be a good idea right now…;)

  3. OMG, Tina. Thank you for the naked truth. I’d love to see a pic after reconstruction, too. That would be heartening. In the meantime, I hope the plumbing is working better for you as well. Big love!!!

  4. You are going to help a lot of women by being your straight forward, brave, marvelous self. Thanks for posting a picture of what must have been very difficult for you to confront the first time you had to do so. You’re the Woman!

  5. Your BRAVEry brings tears to my eyes!! UnBELIEVable!! I’ve been thinking of you and sending POWERfull energies of healing and support. I didn’t get the usual Caring Bridge emails and assumed your weren’t yet back to blogging. Thank you to Sandy Pernitz for putting the blog address in her email.

    You are an amazing example BEAUTYfull GRACE and DIGNITY !!

    Sending love and hugs!!

  6. You are a brave, beautiful woman. I am trying to teach my daughter (2 years old) about true beauty and courage – I hope she grows to demonstrate even a smidgen of your spirit! Thank you for posting such a personal photo. I now know a bit better what my mother-in-law and my aunt experienced. You are a blessing to all of us, TIna!

  7. Tina, loved Peter’s comment. And yes you are a beautiful person. Take care and know that in time the scars will heal, the swelling will go down, tubes will be removed, and you will be on your way to reconstructive surgery.
    I love your celebration of the Queen. *~*Estelle

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