Talk about your ups and downs….

Look I was destined to be a hairdresser

Look I was destined to be a hairdresser

Today is my birthday…..happy day to me. Woke up to lots of cards from friends and breakfast in bed before having to head into Seattle for post op appointments with both surgeons and news on pathology reports etc. Great. The morning was going along brilliantly untill Peter returned from the new job (that he was so excited to have landed) to tell me he had been laid off. The place has only been open for a week! How can they lay a person off that quickly. He and I are devastated, this was going to be such a help with the monthly bills and he really wanted to do it. I have to explain that my husband is an artist, has been a painter for 30 years and really doesn’t want to do anything else. But , needs must and it has been so hard for him to find a job let alone one that appealed to him. I’m furious, he feels so rejected. Damn and blast!

Favorite bithday photo, I think I was ten

Favorite bithday photo, I think I was ten

Doctor visits went very well. Although I don’t have all the pathology reports yet, apparently they (the nerdy little pathologists) are slicing my breasts up like a loaf of bread and x-raying each slice. At least that’s what it sounded like but, so far so good and that means NO CHEMO……Fan-bloody-tastic. The plastic surgeon, Dr V, was also very pleased with my scars and removed the stitches. Now I have to start to do a few exercises to stretch the muscles out under my arms. They are very tight, which is normal. So, in the big scheme of things the Doctor news by far the most important, but I do feel really bad for Peter and I think I’m going to march on down to that damn cafe tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind. An English woman on drugs can be a dangerous thing.

6 thoughts on “Talk about your ups and downs….

  1. Happy birthday. Dear Tina! What a mixed bag for you emotionally 😦 Very sorry about Peter’s job. And very happy no chemo!

  2. Happy birthday Tina! The photos in your post are fantastic :). What a day indeed… so thrilled for the good news from the doctor but so sad about Peter’s job… hopefully something even better is waiting around the corner.

  3. The job things sucks in many ways, but oh, to not have to go through more chemo is a great thing! That is such a great photo!

  4. Happy Birthday! You haven’t changed a bit over the years! So sorry to hear about the job but great news about no chemo. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Happy birthday, Lovey! I hope you had a wonderful day despite the bad news for Peter. Continue feeling better, hope to see you soon! ❤

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