Phantom Boobs…..

Yes, it’s true. You remember all those black and white war movies where the legless soldier is complaining of pain in the leg that’s been amputated and the doctors and nurses look sadly at each other and shake their heads. Well, it’s a bit like that for me at the moment. I know they are goners but I still feel as if they are hanging around…..sort of. My whole chest area was completely numb to the touch at first but I do have the feeling that you get when you take off that too tight bra you’ve worn all day and you have to rub the circulation back. I’m also having a few sharp stabby pains from time to time around the arm pit region. I am getting more used to seeing the awful scars. When you think Plastic surgeon, you tend to think of little eye lifts and small intricate almost invisible stitches. Not the case with a mastectomy, no siree. I bet each incision is 12 inches long although I will give her an A+ for stitch size and uniformity,  but I’m still a bit shocked when I look in the mirror. There is nothing soft about the front of me, I look as if I have been in a war. Everything feels hard to the touch and my skin is pretty bloody itchy all the time. I have a feeling that’s from the pain meds though.

Lets talk pain medication shall we? Boy, they’re great. Boy, they suck. I have, at least come off the Oxycotin and am back on my beloved  the vicodin, but man, this stuff does a number on your bowel function. So, I have been taking stool softeners ever since I went into hospital (even before surgery) Stool softener, it has such a gentle sound, like velvet pillow. The first action I saw did not happen untill yesterday, that’s almost a week and there was nothing soft about it. It felt like passing a hand grenade, there were tears involved and it was about a four-hour lead up to the big show. After that, all hell broke loose for a couple of hours and I felt at least 10lbs lighter after it was all over with.  Right, I am sure that was more information than you ever wanted to know. Nurse Ratchette has her chefs hat on tonight and It’s a lovely looking lasagna. That will definetely cheer me up.


One thought on “Phantom Boobs…..

  1. Lasagna and dulcolax, you are living the high life! Ok, but on a more serious note, hugs, kisses, and just hang in there…pain meds rule!

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