How to nurse an Old Bean….

Nurse Ratchette's outfitThere are times in your life especially when you are sick, that you are forced into doing certain things that you think will be so annoying, even embarrassing and then you find out you were completely and utterly wrong. I have to empty my little hand grenades (drains) 3-4 times a day which involves a virtual dance of cup holding, tube pulling and liquid measuring all being done pretty much in the nude. Both Julie and Peter are helping me with this and they are both so sweet and gentle with me it’s very touching. I also have to have one of them help me to take a shower daily and we decided Julie would do it. When was the last time that you allowed someone to wash and dry you? At first I thought I might feel a little awkward but you know it really is a very tender act on the part of the giver and if you just let go and stop worrying about stupid stuff, like the fact that my boobs look like they have been hacked off with a chain saw (ok that’s an exaggeration) it can be a looked forward to, rather than a dreaded part of my day. We have laughed about all the funny names our Mothers had for our private bits ( My Mother called my vagina a h’apenny, Good grief Mum could you have put a little higher value on it?) talked about scars and old war wounds that all have great stories from childhood and beyond. Anyway my point is that I am learning that even the bad bits can be good bits if you let them.Boris asleep in my hand

What is it about animals, how they seem to know when you need a bit of extra attention. Ever since my first surgery, over a year ago, the once aloof Boris, has turned into velcro cat. He not only sleeps on my bed at night but insists on getting  up to follow me to the bathroom in the night and if he gets the chance he will snuggle so close he sleeps with his head in my hand. Alfie too has once again up guard duty at the bottom of my bed. I don’t think I could be more loved…..Damn I’m lucky

8 thoughts on “How to nurse an Old Bean….

  1. This is so sweet, Tina! Of course you know that the reason people and animals love you is because of who you are…

  2. Animals really get it! I had two cats (brothers) who, when I was sick would lay nose to nose, lined up next to the couch or bed. I’ thinking’ they understood I didn’t feel good enough to cuddle, but loved the furry company.

  3. I love the photos of your animal children. They really do complete our families don’t they! I’m glad that you are getting such great care and I hope the pain is slowly going away.

  4. I was at first bothered by my scar (running from base of throat straight down to sternum, turning left and under my left breast all the way over to the middle of my side) as it shows when I wear any blouse, swimsuit, etc. other than something with a crew neck, and it’s quite graphic (due to surgery for lung cancer). At first I searched and searched for blouses/tops that covered it. It’s amazing that we don’t realize that most clothing is made to “present” cleavage until we look for something that doesn’t.

    And then I thought, this trying to hide my scar is stupid. That scar is my Life Line. Without it I’d be dead. And from that moment on I thought of it in an entirely different way. I’m a Warrior and proud of it. I battled and won and by God that scar is celebrated now, not hidden.

    Takes some getting used to, but oh my – scars are triumphs! So bless you and yours.

    I’m in your corner,


  5. Im so glad that your recovery is going well. This new blog is FANTASTIC! As always, you amaze me. Sending you lots of love..Hugs and Kisses.

  6. Glad the surgery went so well and very glad you have hubby, nurse R and clingy animals to get you through this and care for you so well. When you’re given a bath, just pretend you are an ancient royal with minions to take care of her every need…although don’t get into the role too far or Nurse R may give you what for 😉 Love and hugs! Jan

  7. Such angels! What good helpers you have. I’m so glad that you’re doing well; your positive attitude is definitely an inspiration to all. Best wishes for continued quick recovery. XOXO, Laurie.

  8. Tina,
    I am envisioning you a year from now on a hike in the Olympics and you are full of joy and energy. I love the new site and hearing about your recovery.
    Love, Jo
    P.S. My Mom referred to it as “my possible”….
    WTH? 😉

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